Nintendo RigFit™️ Adventure (3rd, 20th, 25th @ APAC)

KyraWNY 611


Sayonara, bin breakers

May you all go to hell.

Rigshooter has become a viable archetype again with Clippy and friends rotating out of Standard, and no one does that better than Weyland. krysdreavus from QtM developed this incredibly evil deck off that premise, combining the massive econ from The Outfit, with money-based rigshooting methods like Trojan Horse and Corporate Troubleshooter.

Over time, QtM added a bunch of other tricks to the deck: Ganked! into a second visit to the Trebuchet is incredibly rude; Mavirus purging turtles upon impact with Archer; ZATO City Grid forcing program destruction even when the runner has everything going for them. All these upgrades additionally act as bait for runs when you manage to rush out to game point, wasting the runner's limited time and money to check constantly that you do not have the win in the remote, especially when Clot is active.

Tucana is an especially important card when we consider another new card from TAI that dominated the top tables: Hermes. Typically scoring out with no clicks remaining can spell doom for the Corp when the new console is on the board, creating a hole in the server that the runner needs to run for their win condition. Being able to patch weak servers with cheaper, already-rezzed (and therefore no longer Hermes targets) ice after IAA Hostile Takeovers and Regulatory Captures was crucial for the deck to not have to move in slow motion and thus give time to the runner to setup/recover after being rigshot.

Additionally, IAAing an early Hostile Takeover on Tucana to rez an illicit ice can net 2 Bad Publicity instead of just 1, turning on Regulatory Capture as a win condition even faster.

This deck eats Anarchs and Crims alive, with too many opportunities for rigshooting from too many angles to dodge. However, the worst matchups were against Shaper decks, due to having the best program recursion in the game in Simulchip. Against Shapers, Trojan Horse almost acts like a worse Economic Warfare, keeping them poor enough for you to set up before they set up. The plan is to rush to game point as soon as possible and then bait expensive runs (even with the bad pub and a full shaper rig), which is something that can be seen in my R5 game against Arissana.

Things I would change

In hindsight, Simulation Reset could probably have been a couple of Pivots instead - Sim Reset does provide a tempo boost to a bad hand, but it can also throw you out of the frying pan:

Before Simulation Reset

and into the fire:

After Simulation Reset

(still won that game though)

(r4 if you wanna see the replay)

Pivots ensure that you have an out in most situations, being able to draw the critical econ cards like Too Big to Fail and Hostile Takeover that make the deck tick, while also being able to pull the winning Regulatory Capture when you are at 4+ Bad Publicity. This would have been helpful in my top cut game against Tao, where I just didn't draw enough of my econ pieces in time before the lock was set up.

(Incredible deck and piloting by Jai by the way, who was the person who taught me what "click compression" meant back in May when I first joined the local meta meetup. He has been a friendly and lovely presence, always willing to teach me new tricks, and the Netrunner community is better for having him in it ❤️)

With the influence saved, I would then take some inspiration from the APAC winning Outfit deck piloted by Santa, and drop Ansel 1.0 (we already have enough good ice) for a copy of Big Deal. This card is an obvious fit for the very rich Outfit, and acts as a path to so many ridiculous win conditions: get double Project Atlas counters from hand to pull 2 Regulatory Captures to win the game in the next two turns; get a single Atlas counter from hand using Pivot to pull either the Atlas or the Big Deal; score out an SDS from hand to either win the game or rigshoot out of nowhere. The flexibility of this really caught me off guard in the top cut, and I was impressed at how it helped Santa recover from getting flooded in the opening hand in our game.

I love QtM

I was really carried by this deck throughout APAC - after having 1 win and 3 losses in the first two rounds, I managed to claw my way back up to the top cut by winning 4 Corp 241s and getting another Corp split (I think I'm team single sided swiss now). I love QtM a lot, and they have really made my short 2 months of learning Standard an incredible experience. Without their constant encouragement and tips, I probably wouldn't have been resilient enough to get over that poor start. Without their advice and teamwork, I probably wouldn't have brought such a good deck to my first Continental. The 5 days brewing and testing between set release and the tournament was one of the most intense and fun experiences I've ever had with a game (shoutout to fellow Qt chordgang who also ran this list and helped me panic-choose between this and Sparrow Brawler in the hours before decklist submission). I love these queers so much.

Special shoutout to 🏌️‍♀️ for being the best teacher and mentor a girl could ask for 💙


R1 Loss vs Hoshiko

R2 Win vs Loup

R3 241 win vs Mercury

R4 241 win vs Freedom

R5 241 win vs Arissana

R6 Win vs Hoshiko

R7 241 win vs Freedom

Top cut

Win vs Hoshiko

Loss vs Tao

Thanks of course also to my partner, Tea, for supporting me both emotionally and culinarily, making sure I took care of myself as I hyperfixated on a very serious card game ❤️



7 Aug 2023 krysdreavus

My list had -1 audacity +1 zato because i wanted to rigshoot harder even if it was definitely less optimal

I'm very happy this got in the cut, congrats on the result, Kyra!

7 Aug 2023 crowphie

You should be so damn proud of this weekend

7 Aug 2023 ThePatrician

An excellent result 🥰

7 Aug 2023 HaverOfFun

Ahhhhh ur so cool! Love this deck and congrats on the super result!

27 Oct 2023 haverofpennys

crazy fan moment incoming: I LOVE YOUUUU notice me senpai