I Heard You Paint Houses [Undefeated Ghent GNK]

Cluster Fox 511


So I played a CtM deck at a 16-player GNK and it went undefeated.. 4 rounds, 4 flatlines. This is basically a deck built by a legend in the Netrunner community that I retooled, so a bajillion shout outs to @spags and you can find the original list here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/57084/ctm-s-still-real-to-me-dammit-chicago-regional-1st

What did I change?
- Dropped the AR Enhanced Security for 3x False Leads
- Dropped the Beales for 2x Bellona
- Dropped the Resistor for a third IP Block, questionable but didn't have an issue
- Dropped Executive Boot Camp because it rotated
swapped it for Liquidation, because: if you can get the kill and the only thing you need is cash: blow up your board with Liquidation for up-front cash Hard-Hitting News Sac a False Lead Next turn, Consulting Visit in to Boom!

ROUND 1 vs Sunny
Scary because of the link, but took too long to set up. Eventually ran for Aumakua counters and DreamNet with 2 credits while I was sitting on 18 with a False Lead scored. Credit, credit, HHN into False Lead.
He had a Sports Hopper on the table that would have gotten him to 7 cards to survive but he thought I was on HPT and that he's get flatlined anyway. Gave him the window, no dice, Consulting Boom!

ROUND 2 vs Valencia
Honestly a misplay, went and trashed my Temple and then trashed my Bankers with an MVT on it thinking he didn't have to use his Bad Pub. Sorry, the Val Bad Pub gets you to 5 so you have to trash it. HHN was enough, could trace through No One Home twice, he couldn't clear tags and had a Consulting in hand.

ROUND 3 vs Geist
This was one I was scared of, but he didn't draw Bravados and couldn't contest board state. I got a False Lead scored and then just started building econ, daring him to run. At one point I install-advanced-advanced a card which he just left on the table, sure I'll take the SSL. He put down an On The Lam but at a certain point I was so rich I popped SIU to clear his On The Lam and then credit-credit-HHN. Sac False Lead and after that it was Consulting into Boom!

ROUND 4 vs Hayley
By far the most difficult matchup of the day, Shapers are hard because of Misdirection. Managed to keep taxing him, even with Imp + Rejig, and scored 2x False Leads beind a Data Raven + Hydra server. All I needed was money, so saved up until I had it. HHN, on his turn sac two False Leads, in to Consulting Boom!

Thanks to all my opponents today, great day of Netunner and with 16 people at a GNK, happy to see the local meta is still alive. Love you guys <3

8 Feb 2020 Shiro1981

I've just tried this deck out on jnet, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling (mostly thanks to the Boom's flames, but still...)

9 Feb 2020 ANRguybrush

This deck gives me corona virus. Congrats!

9 Feb 2020 Cpt_nice

shaking my head

9 Feb 2020 Skandrino

Well played!

9 Feb 2020 theoneakaneo

Liquidation sweet :-)

11 Feb 2020 Pommes

My boy Tom went to the dark side! Congratulations! Do you really need the 5 credits from Exploda? If not, Net Quarantine could take its place.