Fear the Fisk (2nd @ Diversified Portfolio)

Lyon 25

Fear the Fisk!...

...or don't, like most people do. I brought this totally-not-thrown-together-at-the-last-minute deck to the Diversified Portfolio side event after Dutch nats. It was the first time I used Fisk, so might as well go for something spicy, right? Fisk is all about milling the Corp, so why not throw in some Anarch mill cards? Fear the Masses seems like the obvious choice there! Of course you need extra hand size to hold all that delicious fear, so Brain Cage is a no-brainer (hehe).

In practice this deck is just way too slow. Never enough cards, never enough money, and I got cards in the wrong other. Earthrises and Daily Casts when I had no Career Fair (or the other way around), more than half my hand clogged up with Fear the Masses early on, or never being able to get more than 1 breaker out in the whole game. Then again, this deck was thrown together without too much thought, so I did not have the highest expectations for it. I did manage to somehow scrape out a win against a Chronos Protocol that only had 2 cards left in R&D in a very tense game (thanks, Marc!) that I totally should have lost. One day, I shall achieve that longed-for mill victory against the Corp... just not with Fisk :p