High Places, Dead Spaces (1st, Kessel Run SC, 16-12-11)

lopert 1618


Tournament Data


20 player Ottawa Region Store Championship.
2-1 in swiss + ID, and 2-0 in top4 elim.

Whizz (Temujin) [Loss], Smoke, Whizz (Frantic Opus), ID
Whizz (Obelus / Siphon), Whizz (Obelus / Siphon)

Every win was achieved via BOOM!


With Rude Whizz / Miffed Val / Nexus Andy as the decks to beat, I didn't think bringing CTM would be a good idea. I needed an ID that didn't play into the tag-me runner game and a faction where I didn't have to hope draw into my EOI.

I found a Gagarin list from the Toronto meta that looked promising so off I went to make some major changes to that list to come up with what we have here today.

This deck aims to play out must trash assets. If the runner ignores them, you slowly build a critical mass and can score out behind a tour guide. If the runner contests them, you simply keep recurring things with Friends in High Places until you slowly win the attrition war.

The use of Mumbad City Hall and Consulting Visit to trigger Hard-Hitting News, or Friends in High Places at any moment makes for some tough decisions from the runner. Museum of History allows you to bring back the Consulting Visit every turn.

The list is pretty standard Gagarin except for a few cards, so let's go over those.

Dedicated Response Team - In theory, great for slowing down tag-me runners. In practice, they are very hit-or-miss.
Public Support - Expensive to trash, and gives you points for EOI. In theory you can score out with 3 of these, 1 3-pointer, and the Hostile Takeover.
Zealous Judge - Rez this after they remove the 3rd tag from HHN and before they remove the 4th... Awkward.
Best Defense - Amazing. Use it to vaporize Obelus and Plascrete.
Closed Accounts - Great to CV after a siphon. Now nobody wins!
Exchange of Information - Swap your Public Supports for real agendas. Can be CV'd for 2+0. Thanks Lukas.
Friends in High Places - Remember that look of despair runners got when you museum'd back stuff they trashed in IG? It's like that but more effective. Hard-Hitting News - Surprisingly, most people suspect Midseason Replacements, out of Gagarin, not HHN. The many tags give you the time needed to line up the BOOM!
Paywall Implementation - Double the credit differential from Gagarin, but mostly just to clear Rumor Mill or Employee Strike.
SEA Source - Sometimes you just need to tag someone so you can Closed Accounts them and rez a judge.

Overall, I was broke the whole tournament. The infinite Whizz matchups I played against meant my assets were always contested, and every credit was hard earned. On multiple occasions I was one or two credits short of BOOM!ing earlier, but alas the runner lived to be BOOM!ed another day.

Shoutouts and Links

@dien and @smusher for helping me mold the list from the Toronto Original here:

12 Dec 2016 ncaron

Saying Dedicated Response Team was hit or miss and you were broke most day. Would you consider swapping the DRTs for more econ?

12 Dec 2016 lopert

@Alternity Definitely. The Sandburg is also an easy 3rd cut as it did nothing for me all day.

13 Dec 2016 thebigunit3000

This deck is wonderful -- brings me back to the glory days of CTM59!

13 Dec 2016 percomis

Not sure what else to put in but wouldn't it make sense to make the deck 54 cards?

13 Dec 2016 percomis

Just realized Martial Law cards are not showing up for me and that's why I see 51 cards, sorry.

14 Dec 2016 gozik

@thebigunit3000 you don't just score hostile vs nexus Andy with rebirth ^^

14 Dec 2016 ANRguybrush

Sigh..so are prison decks back now?

14 Dec 2016 lopert

@guy.brushPrison decks never left! Keep your Scrubbers and Bad Pub close!

17 Dec 2016 ncaron

Seems that slums on Boom would make this deck pretty sad though...

29 Dec 2016 Mordeqai

I think you can dorp to 2 Museum if you have have that much recursion. Glad to see this style continued to be played.

Not to just toot my own horn, but this was the original list: netrunnerdb.com

20 Jan 2017 ericbtool

I've never played one of these decks. Do you just seek the kill or can you actually score? If so how?

Thank you

20 Jan 2017 lopert

@ericbtool The deck is pretty all-in on the kill. You can try to score behind a tour guide remote (as in, just install advance advance), and if the runner takes it you counter with SEA / Closed / HHN.

20 Jan 2017 ericbtool

that whole aaron guy though? :(

26 Jan 2017 lopert

@ericbtool Sounds like a job for Contract Killer