Killing Spree [7th at Stockport Regional]

Davo 48

So this performed as equally well as my runner deck, winning the first two rounds of Swiss and being able to ID into the cut.

I also won in a friendly when I had ID’d in round 4 against Steven who eventually finished 3rd with Geist. For that game he took 1 tag on click 4 hitting a mausolus. I had 2 HPT in hand and an atlas token so it was goodnight Irene for all 3 HPT for the win.

Other notes were round 1 turn 4 win against Leela who failed to clear any tags from an early HHN and round 2 against Liza who took a tag running turn 4 and saw the HPT on the top of R&D so instantly knew it was game - I had consulting visit in hand anyway so either way it was also Goodnight Irene.

The only Loss came against MCG who I had previously beaten in a friendly play out as runner in our ID’d game. As I knew he was on skorp I couldn’t risk trying to beat him again as he knew my deck. The choice to Corp seemed to pay off as I quickly scored Broad daylight gaining me a click for 2 meat, a Hostile Takeover and a GFI. The problem was then finding the last point. He managed to get up to 6 points and it was a race to the end. I got distracted and instead of Purging his sucker and turtle counters, I placed a rashida in hopes I could get that last agenda with the little cards left. Instead, with time on the round called he made his final Omar run and just about could afford to get in, choosing R&D. There it was, the final Hostile. Great game and gutted but glad to have made the cut.