Less Shady Backroom Dealings (4th at CBI)

percomis 1145

Name is a reference to UK's R+ list, where having less Booms I assume makes it .. less shady?

Nothing new here, similar list to all the other Drago R+ decks, notable things are:

  • not running EULA as it felt too expensive
  • having 2 Restore felt more important than 2 Booms as if you stick Drago, you eventually win anyhow (although I was sweating against Anzekay with 3 Spins out of the game and having my single Boom in hand when they were trying to snipe it)
  • we only added a single copy of HHN to at least represent the threat, although we felt the deck is often too poor to land it

List worked wonderfully, still quite busted, the two games I lost with it during the weekend were due to awkward draws, piloting errors and opponents who played Hoshiko excellently.

Shout outs to:

  • NWE for giving me decklists and endless support
  • PSK for gifting me 2 full nights of sleep before the CBI
  • NSG for keeping the game alive and organizing these events