Top Banana, The Best Palana

Huw 8

yes thats right, it's time for me to give the baying, screeching huw fans the deck they've been craving before they tear down my door to steal my secret secret techs. well ok fine, you can have my deck you god damn animals.

the thought process behind this was that i saw rotoms euros deck and thought "what if surveyor" so i added it, and then played with it ever since.

then i became extremely ill and didnt play netrunner for a month, and then it was nationals and i had no decks, no practice, and no idea what the meta was, so i whacked in some r&r cards, sleeved up the runner decklist of the week and hilariously stumbled into a top 40 finish, having never played a single game against either mti or acme, however i was able to beat acme by painting a road on the side of a wall, and then ran down that road into the distance, leaving my opponent confused, so when they also tried to run down the road they slammed into the wall and then they got a big bump on their head and birds flew around it.

right anyway here's the deck, i'm off to repeatedly step on rakes so they slam into my face