Santa 942

"How is scoring 5 points and 7 damage not good enough?"
- @Rongydoge


This deck was left on the NANPC Vancouver cutting room floor, but I still wanted to share it with the world!

I can confidently say this is the wildest idea I've had to date!

The Combo



  • Alright, we'll you found the weakness 😅
  • Sadly the combo half of this dies to Hermes, as they will simply be able to bounce the Eminent Domain you fetch during the combo.
  • I will say there is a lot of power within simply scoring an Eminent Domain for a free Archer. Although, this deck is not really built for scoring out.

Draw Issues

  • Ok, yea so there is a lot of cards to keep within R&D, which is a bit of an issue, and Sprint/Descent are there to attempt fixing. Although, notably you can still do 6x damage with either an Eminent Domain or Archer drawn.


To the Community

I think this idea is super wild, and interesting!

I really wanted to turn it into a tournament quality deck by NANPC. However, as I was not able to get something consistently achievable by NANPC Vancouver for tournament play, and with no near-term upcoming tournaments of my own, I wanted to present it to the community.

I think this is an achievable combo within casual play excluding Hermes, but the current version's reliability fell below my personal desires for a competitive event.

Sending it out to the community, and maybe someone else will come up with a form of this idea which could be a real powerhouse 😈😁

26 Mar 2024 Gyro88

Does not happen T1, 0/10

All jokes aside, neat combo! Eminent Domain pulling itself is genuinely interesting and something I've been thinking about a little bit recently. I wonder if there's combo potential with Arella too, or if they're too duplicate in their effects.

In general, I think there's a ton of Eminent Domain exploration to be done, and Jemison is a (relatively) sensible home for it, considering the value of the on-score effect relative to its actual points.

One idea that just popped into my head is an Eminent off Tucana to ass-pull two free Archers (one from Eminent, the other from Tucana+Forfeit). You could possibly even Jemison a second Eminent with the free forfeit counters to pull a third Archer in the same go, although I guess you'd need an Arella for that.

26 Mar 2024 Gyro88

The last would probably work best out of Ob. To go from nothing but a Mavirus on HQ to suddenly having nasty sentries on HQ & R&D seems pretty spicy.

27 Mar 2024 maninthemoon


27 Mar 2024 Diogene

You can solve the problem of Hermes by using Amani Senai, which would uninstall Hermes.

Nice deck, cheers!

27 Mar 2024 PiCat314

BIIIIG BIG PLAYS This looks awesome, I foresee many eminent domain combos in my near future

27 Mar 2024 koga

Damn, I was trying to combo with 2x Azef and Arella last meta, but Eminent Domain takes this to new heights!

Love it.

27 Mar 2024 NotAgain

Thanks, I hate it