Eternal - Murder Sports (4-1 @ Worlds)

rotage 2916

The latest variant of my CI murder decks which I was playing back in 2017. Your Digital Life is a fantastic include to this deck (and probabely any CI deck) forced me to drop a Neural EMP and Punitive but was totally worth it

I never scored out with this, just got multiple flatlines via Brainstorm, Neural Emp and Punitive. Pretty happy with the list, could drop a biotic maybe for a Big Deal or something else equally fun

23 Oct 2023 DoubleK

Good to see Brainstorm murder alive again - well done :)

Would 3x Merlin and few Helheim Servers work in this to make runs even more dangerous?

23 Oct 2023 rotage

Thanks, I love Brainstorm so much :)

Hmm, that's an interesting idea. I used to play Helheim a lot back in the day when the deck was poorer, I added Corporate Troubleshooter as the deck feels rich enough to support it

Merlin could be fun, although its 3 Influence which I would need to find from somewhere, can drop maybe 1 punitive and add some Merlins in, as I forgot I had a spare influence still!

23 Oct 2023 DoubleK

Yeah good idea to include the Troubleshooter with all the money from YDL. Helheim would probably need to kill the runner straight away if a lot of cards are dumped into it. The Twins could be a fun include to make Brainstorm or Merlin an instant kill.

Thanks for posting the list! Great murder inspiration :)

23 Oct 2023 rotage

Twins another excellent idea, along with ganked, wonder how many subs we could get on a Brainstorm :)

23 Oct 2023 DoubleK

Haha, sounds like a good challenge. With Vitruvius counters you could recur Brainstorm during an encounter and keep dumping it to The Twins for more Brainstorm subs :)