Talkative Hoshiko (2-3 Ntscape Store Championship)

dnddmdb 162

I recently wrote a review of Verbal Plasticity, and afterwards was thinking about what sort of decks would make good use of it. After a while of tinkering, I settled on this list, pairing the draw value of Verbal with Patchwork.

This deck wound up going 2-3 on the day of, with I would say 2 of the losses still feeling close. It won against Acme and PD, lost in a close game to Kikai's Offworld Skunkworks, lost in another close-ish game to RPC Built to Last, and lost pretty badly to another Acme.

Based on current win rates, I'd say this makes the deck about average, but it is a lot of fun to play. Being able to throw away duplicates of Patchwork, Verbal, and Bin Breakers for cash is just so satisfying, and you can keep a pretty decent number of credits up through most of the game.

Card Choices

  • Verbal Plasticity and Patchwork: I would say if you want to try out this combo, the deck will likely have decent results for you. If you think this combo is two not so good cards trying to buoy each other, then pass.

  • Wanton Destruction: Sort of a choice particularly against PD and the Red Planet Couriers decks, hopefully trashing Biotic Labors and Seamless Launches. Imp may have worked fine as well, but I liked making one big value access instead of trying to tunnel through ice over and over again.

  • Apocalypse: this is a "tech Apoc", inspired by crithitd20's Wildcat Val decklist. It was very handy to have, acting as an ace card when needed. It definitively won me one game, and helped quite a bit in the others. I do like it as a one-of, as you will likely see 90% of the cards in this deck each game anyway.

  • Bravado: !

  • 1x Career Fair: This is nice to further drive down the cost of Liberated Account, or to help out when you haven't found Patchwork yet, or after you have played Apocalypse and have flipped your Patchwork facedown. This could potentially be some other card though.

  • 1x Labor Rights: I am so happy I kept this in. Labor Rights can sometimes feel like a dead card to me, but here when you are drawing through so much of the deck, it can help recur cards like Botulus, economy, or especially Apocalypse or Wanton. Recurring Wanton is particularly nice late game to keep as much pressure up as possible.

The event was a lot of fun, and thank you to all the people I played! And thank you to Akira and the folks who helped out for running the event!