Get into the Brain (2nd at Iberian Lockdown 4)

ArminFirecracker 554

The plan of this deck, is to get the runner on

  • 3 or 4 cards,
  • know one card in hand
  • give him 3 agenda points

to get a flatline with Salem's Hospitality and Complete Image. With a runner hand size of 4 it is a 50% and a hand size of 3 is a 100% kill.

Obokata Protocol, Cerebral Overwriter and Snare! really helped to get the runner low on cards. Advancing Ronin at the right time was tricky and didnt work out well for me.

Scapenet did a good job against Hunting Grounds and Caldera.

With Film Critic and Stargate banned in the tournament, I discarded my Weyland deck to play this agenda suite. There is no Kakugo, since it was also banned.

It really rocked, except against Apex and when I overlooked, that I had the win in my hand.

A Data Loop would have been good for the scoring server (which sometimes didnt got any ICE). But I was afraid of having too few credits.