Choosing an Outfit in a hurry (4th at 18 person SC)

paulyg 1034

Firstly, significant credit to Kevin Tame who was the first person I saw playing a Jinja Outfit deck. The bare bones of this deck are still based on his concept. Rushing like mad, though, I lost a few times off R&D so decided to swap in GFIs here to make it harder for the runner to win!

At the very core of this deck, you can just play some classic Weyland rush if your opponent is checked on breakers. If you get Jinja going then your remote can get out of hand (don't neglect centrals too much) before the runner is ready to deal with it. Audacity is the classic finisher, and Batty operates either in rig-shoot mode or supplements a Border Control plan depending on your opponent / board.

I try not to go overboard with the bad pub where possible, and I took out the Bulwark because everybody is on Paperclip and I wanted some more targets from Wall-to-Wall to boost (so Masvingo came in).

Match-ups for this deck aren't too bad across the board (419 is usually fine because you have access to plenty of econ, and you have big ice to block Aumakua / can threaten to take out their single reg breakers). Apoc is the real tricky one and I wasn't expect to see it (of course, if apocalypse becomes prevalent again then Crisiums are in faction).

On the day this won a close game against Sunny, lost to apoc Hoshiko, and won against a very interesting Trooper/Aesops Hayley. R4 was a runner 241. In the cut, Sunny got her revenge as I wasn't able to rush quite fast enough and then the super drip prevented me from ever getting another scoring window.

Let me know if you give this deck a try - I think there is probably some more refinement to be done on the ice suite in particular. Go fast and always score your Atlases with a token :-)