Border Casino v2 - B-com2 2nd place

Slowriffs 828

This version of the deck is only one card different from the previous one I posted. The downside of only running 8 agendas is that sometimes you just don't find the right one to score. To fix this issue I cut the Bio-Vault for a Fast Track. Bio-Vault isn't as good anymore in a non-Indexing meta anyway.

Overal the deck is an absolute monster. Over the whole weekend I only lost one game to Seamus' excellent Valencia, and that was due to time. If my math is correct, I went 7-1, but I'm not sure it is.

There are two ways games can go with this deck:

  • Grind them out: Against Criminal and fast Anarch starts you will often end up in this situation. They get a good start and they try to overun you, and for the most part they will. But hang in there, weather the storm, the deck plays only 8 agendas and 3 are TFP, you cannot lose fast. Some games you will feel on the back foot, sometimes you will feel like you're losing for 50 minutes straight. But then, their resources are finite, your servers became and absolute nightmare, and you will eventually win.
  • Rush out the niseis: (Against Shaper/Anarchs that can't find breakers) Having one or more different end the runs in hand, preferably together with a batty, you have to go for early niseis asap in this situation. Especially against crowdfunding Hayley you CANNOT win the late game, contrary to other runners their economy is actually infinite and you will need to rely on your ETR effects for your last score.
21 Jan 2019 ayyyliens

Cutting the slots machine in my version was a mistake. Congratz!

23 Jan 2019 vesper

A great performance! Congratulations :)