The Crow Is F*ing Right (2nd ANZ GNK, 2-1)

anarchomushroom 757

The crow is fucking right.

This was the CTM list that I brought to the ANZ Jnet tournament organised by Vale. I’ve been playing almost exclusively CTM in SalMem and I’m pretty confident it’s the best deck in SalMem standard. The agenda list as used by tf34 in his World’s finalist list is excellent, and although you lose out on the Exchange of Information plays with GFI and QPM, your 5/3’s are hard to steal and both play into denying the runner options or economy. A Bellona steal often helps you land an important Hard-Hitting News, which is at the core of this deck’s strategy.

Your main win condition is obviously SanSan City Grid. Scoring Beales from hand is very powerful, but being able to no advance a Remastered Edition or a Bellona if you have Jeeves is extremely strong. I originally tried 3 but went down to 2 to make room for 2 copies of Amani Senai, and it’s honestly fine. It’s extremely difficult to trash SSCG, and your ice is deceptively taxing, so most games the runner will just leave it.

Malia is a fantastic card with a tonne of powerful targets. Daily Casts, Liberated Account, ProCo, Miss Bones, the Class Act, all see play, and all are great hits. It can be played around but if you hit the right resource at the right time, you can get that CTM headlock in place from turn 1.

Jeeves is also part of your win condition. I wouldn’t go less than 3, if I’m honest. It’s so vitally important, and that fourth click of value is so strong. It allows for no advance scoring plans, helps rebuild your board after a Leela bounce, and lets you dig for a way to close out the game or punish the runner. Do protect it though as any runner worth their salt will trash the butler on sight.

On the night, this went 2-1, beating Leela and Az, and losing an extremely close game against Hoshiko. All three games I felt firmly in control and never really worried, the one loss coming to a silly misplay on my part during a Stargate run.

Salvaged Memories is on its way out but if you’re playing any tournament Netrunner between now and System Gateway releasing, I highly suggest giving CTM a go. It’s exceptionally fun, a great runner/corp dynamic, and always a very strong choice.

And remember.

The crow is fucking right.

27 Feb 2021 GingercredMan

The crow may be right, but the crow is also a jerk.

27 Feb 2021 anarchomushroom

The crow just says what people are afraid to hear.

28 Feb 2021 CryptoGraham

Well I for one welcome our new Crow overlord!

28 Feb 2021 anarchomushroom

See now you get it