Gift Tags 2: no Murder, just Drafter [Undefeated @ Notts CO]

Zoehope 254

This deck was undefeated at the Nottingham 2023 CO in Single Sided Swiss (3/3) and secured me eighth place overall. Sable had a hard day :D

This is a small mod of a Corp List I've been tinkering with lately. For this deck, I swapped out the spare 2 influence I have, cos I don't rate Biotic Labour and don't want B-1001 for a Drafter. I loved this swap.

Mainly because.....

....... C A R D
R E C U R S I O N ........


Great to get goodies back in hand, great to act like a pseudo doctor for agendas in Archives if your HQ is secure, great to cost runners lots of credits to break, and yeah, just a fun lil edit. I like it. I'm keeping her.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: The main ideas for this deck come from Pinsel’s R+ World’s deck. A large factor of its success, therefore, should be attributed to the expert testing and build of Pinsel and team KANEHL /KANEHL+.


Appreciation to Pinsel for sharing your list. Thanks to London for your Drafter suggestion.

For my Corp games: Thanks to Joe for showing me the magic of a Chameleon Cafe. I look forward to a Latte with the guarantee of no flies soon! Thanks Alex for the super closest game, I believe in Loup power! Thanks, always, to SeaRose for playing a really close match up in the middle of the day. Your Esâ list is as fabulous as your narrative flair and creative design skills: it was iconic bab.


Finally, a massive shout out to dreadmaw for organising this lovely CO event. It was fun to try SSS format, even though I wanted to give out more tags, to everyone.

So lovely to see everyone else and play Netrunner all day. What a lovely end to the year. Bring on 2024!