Apex on Tap

Diogene 883

Apex problem : Slow, poor and did I mention poor. Apex advantage : Best breaker in the game. Apocalypse baby! Near impossible to flatline.

I choose to try to solve the poor part of the problem. Interesting that it help slow down the corp, helping a bit with Apex problem of being slow.

First, mulligan plan : You want econ in your hand at the start. At least 2 pieces of econ, unless you have a Rezeki in hand. Early Rezeki really help the overall plan. Second best card is DreamNet, which will put pressure on the corp to spread itself.

No fancy stuff using Assimilator. Initially, I thought of using Tapwrm with Simulchip to keep Tapwrm on the board. But the text on Tapwrm prevent that.

Instead, I tried to put as much econ card as I could. There is 20 cards that will bring in credits in one form or another. And Fencer Fueno help trash stuff for cheap.

Tapwrm serve double duty. It can give you cred or slow down the corp. Both are good for you. Note that an early Rezeki will be of great benefit to you. Just make sure you can install Endless Hunger.

Endless Hunger really started working with Salvaged Memories. Apex needed some love and e3 Feedback Implants is the correct answers. Now, passing an ice is one card and between 0 and 3 creds. But it gets better. With Adjusted Matrix, you can pass any ice for 1 click and 0 to 3 creds (except you NEXT Silver and Tour Guide).

The rest is the usual. DreamNet give you cred and draw, on top of a run. Reboot gives you a lot of card to feed Endless Hunger and Heartbeat. Hunting Grounds is useful against NBN ices and against Engram Flush. It can also be used in a pinch to get 3 cards on the board and save your life. Heartbeat allow you to facecheck ice and make the corp spend creds without fear of outright losing the game. Also, it will allow you to pull off (maybe) an Apocalypse while Hostile Infrastructure is on the board.

Apocalypse is hard to pull, but will win you games. Assimilator is there to keep you in the game by allowing you to bring back some key card (Rezeki, Adjusted Matrix, Endless Hunger and maybe even Tapwrm).

With this, Apex felt interactive and responsive. There is no multiaccess in the deck. That is the sacrifice I made for this to work.