DaGeist -- 4th at Worlds

aDumbBrick 670

"Eat Dirt"

So I wanted to give Geist one last ride before he rotates, but I can't give up the sick skateboard tricks I'm used to out of shaper so 3xDaVinci was the way to go.

  • Once you get 2 counters you can basically run anywhere without any issues.
  • Plus it is a solid part of the econ engine (cycling it with Simulchip etc).
  • Also you can use DaVinci to install a card off the top of your deck (that you knew was there because of Q-Loop) as long as you had any other target in hand.
  • Double Boomerang, instant The Black File the sky really is the limit.

Flip Switch Is there mainly so I can just Bravado any remote and the Corp has to show me ice or give me more money. Plus safe Q-Loop Triggers are sick.

The "Trash Breakers" Abagnale & Demara also just let you do even more cool tricks. Who wants to spend money breaking Fairchild 3.0?

There honestly isn't that much that is different from other Geist lists but DaVinci+ Simulchip can lead to some totally busted turns where you draw more cards than you know what to do with. Geist is busted. Go do some sick tricks, ...watch out for CTM I guess.

11 Oct 2020 x3r0h0ur

You're my hero

11 Oct 2020 Sindarin

Congratulations, buddy! What an incredible showing!

11 Oct 2020 Zerothmaxima

Thos abs tho

11 Oct 2020 neuropantser

this is literal insanity 10/10 would scream at stream again

12 Oct 2020 analyzechris

This was straight-up inspiring.

12 Oct 2020 manveruppd

When I saw this on stream I was literally screaming at my monitor in delight! Well done! :D

13 Oct 2020 Ghost Meat

I look at this list and have no idea what I'd do with it if it were in my hands. Brav(ad)o!

16 Oct 2020 419

Phenomenal piloting. Joy to watch thank you

23 Oct 2020 manveruppd

Also I just noticed that his fall in the bottom panel was so harsh it literally twisted his torso right round! :D

13 Nov 2021 Kirk574

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