Chronomatic Chivalry v1.3

Shockeh 751

"Oh, I ain't gonna kill ya, I'm just gonna hurt ya. Really, REALLY, bad."

  • Jared Leto as The Joker, Suicide Squad.


To ensure a basic Himitsu-Bako or Wall of Static becomes an unbreakable Barrier. Eat their Fracters. Eat them, and ping important cards like recursion out of their hand.


Power Shutdown their Plascrete, their Leprechaun, their Breakers. Make being the Runner a miserable experience. Delight as Shock! and Shi.Kyū become massively threatening simply because of your ID Ability. Suddenly, you don't want to overdraw them into Archives, you want to install them, and then install over them. They're really good as installed cards, when you get to pick what they lose.

The Grail suite only made it in because aside from a 3rd Power Shutdown, I actually found myself with spare Influence after putting in 3 Galahad as another cheap Barrier, and the Grail text lets that cheap Barrier potentially do double duty for killing Icebreakers. Never, ever install the 3rd Lancelot, you want one in hand to fire off the other two.

I went down to 2 Fetal AI because Film Critic 'is a Thing' and it further empowers the Shi.Kyū to have Philotic Entanglement in there. Swordsman is stronger in this ID so it's worth having two, and obviously makes the AI Breaker so very sad, and has such a sweet promo (Notice he's killing Darwin in the background yet?) that I couldn't resist it.

It's certainly a lot of fun to pilot, so I'm willing to publish this as a recommendation others give it a go. Have fun!

18 Sep 2015 Shockeh

E: Obviously, them blowing up Plascrete Carapace for Power Shutdown is bad for you, as you have no Meat Damage. But they don't know that, do they? ;)

18 Sep 2015 Shockeh

Obviously, Blacklist would be incredible here, but I can't find the room without ditchin the Grail suite, and that feels like moving too far away from the core concept.

22 Sep 2015 mendax

Blacklist is essential, and you probably want to cut a shutdownfor 2x Blacklist. If you really want to play shutdown, you're probably better off with Archer & Grim.