Cards so nice we had to play them twice - 4/34 SC 2 - 1

mendax 885

Crim was very solid prior to rotation, and having both lost close to nothing and gained some very valuable tools it made a lot of sense to roll over into playing good stuff crim after rotation. I also believe that this is why there are still a lot of 419 decks being played. As for matchups, any good stuff Crim will get you into almost every game with at least a playable matchup, and will be able to punish any corp mistakes either in play or deck construction. Notably, any Jinteki damage based deck should be a very good matchup given the amount of free draw you can get from both Dreamnet and Steve's ability, constantly refilling your hand to prevent any kill shots.

Given the above, the varying flex slots are largely reflective of playstyle. For me, I like to play my crims very, very aggressively. This is why I have 3x Dreamnet Boomerang & Pennyshaver. There are plenty of other options - an engine based on Career Fair, Daily Casts & Earthrise would also be entirely viable despite none of those cards being featured in this list.

The weakest cards in the list are definitely the 2x Embezzle. Originally slotted for dealing with Neurospike Combos, I think they should probably be cut now that those decks have largely disappeared. My personal preference would be for them to replaced by 1x Citadel Sanctuary and the 3rd Jailbreak, but take a look at your meta and decide what tech slots you need - should Neurospike still be a threat for you then you could definitely do worse than playing the list as it.

In the event, the wins were vs Jinja Sports, Rigshooter Outfit and the loss was to BtL RPC (writeup to come soon, but being beaten by your own deck definitely takes some of the sting from the loss). The low game count is due to being able to ID 3 times in the swiss having swept the first two rounds & having a 3-1 split in favour of Corp in the cut.

So there you have it - run hard, run fast, run HQ and run all your cards again. Engolo & Boomerang are a full rig for 80% of games, and having such a low setup cost allows for a huge amount of pressure from very early, whilst Steve's recursion on the econ events & Tapwrms prevents you from burning out too fast.

17 Apr 2021 A cranberry

This looks cool, thanks!