BaBW: 3rd at NISEI Core Tournament

Bandura 307

My sincere gratitude to NISEI organizers, this event was a lot of fun. I did not play much in the way of Netrunner since Worlds 2017, so I really liked this opportunity to go back to basics with a limited card pool.

I was not certain that Ash and RP were sufficient to play good glacier, so I opted for a rush. While Blue Sun is the richer of two Weyalnd IDs, Building a Better World is faster.

In the meta with almost no recursion, Snare! and Rototurret are awesome. I even managed to trash all my opponent's breakers once.

Rush has its limits. I lost twice, once in swiss and once in the cut - as a result of my opponent's assembling their entire rig too fast and finding money on top of it, no matter how hard I jammed agendas.

Only change I'd introduce post-tournament is a second Contract Killer, who was awesome, instead of Punitive Counterstrike, which did absolutely nothing in all the games I drew it. Marilyn and DBS feel like flexible slots. Half the time I was using DBS to help me find agendas, not to hide them - so in here it has less value. 1x Junebug could also have been fun!

My runner deck is here:

3 Feb 2019 flimflam

oh nutty, spent mine on 2x biotic/archived it got me to 11th place or so

9 Feb 2019 Bandura

@flimflam, I originally planned to play Biotic Labor as well, but it turns out that the rigshooter plan just works better.

Here's a telling demonstration from the event on ) Metropolegrid's Stream

9 Feb 2019 Bandura