Jesminder Can't Juggle: 5th out of 34th at Early Bird

Sanjay 3429

Funhouse Alt Art With Jesminder Upset

Artist Credit: ME!

Jesminder might be feeling disrespected that she can't enter the Funhouse, but don't let that distract you from all the amazing things she's gained from Gateway:

  1. A much more reliable econ and draw engine with now that you can play 6 Sure Gambles and 6 Diesels,
  2. A powerful influence free R&D threat in Conduit that synergizes with Jesminder's interest in having run-based econ.
  3. Pennyshaver if you happen to be able to afford the influence.
  4. Influence-free Stimhacks even if they are way worse than Stimhack.

These things all are real boons to Jesminder, and I'm excited to see what is possible for her.

Me going 2-1 with my runner and placing modestly well at an event is not proof that Jesminder is the top shaper in the game. Of course. Far from it. But it is proof that if you are excited to play some Jesminder, you shouldn't let Funhouse scare you off it. Two Hunting Grounds is more than enough to keep you safe from the scary fear of being totally locked out by nested costs you can't pay.

There's a lot of unsolved stuff for Jesminder deckbuilding. Are these breakers right? As nice as Pennyshaver is, is that the right influence expenditure? What's the best decoder here? Can we get away with not having Paperclip?

I don't know! But the future is bright, and no matter how many setbacks you throw at Jesminder, you can't stop the Girl Behind the Curtain.

Unless, of course, you ask her to juggle.

4 Apr 2021 paulyg

This list has made me excited to play some Jesminder again! I hadn't really thought about how she's the Shaper who has a really good critical mass of econ events now. I'm tempted to give Aniccam a try with this lot but Pennyshaver is also pretty attractive.

4 Apr 2021 Sanjay

Aniccam would be pretty hot. I did click to draw a decent amount and it would be neat not to! I was also thinking about whether the list should have some Jailbreaks maybe.

4 Apr 2021 neuropantser

Pretty sweet list! Did you consider Patron at any point?

4 Apr 2021 Sanjay

@neuropantser In the shower this morning, yes! And I think it might be wortwhile.

5 Apr 2021 dnddmdb

Love the shoutout to Increased Drop Rates! Really great that this deck paid off. I was wondering, what are your Fenris targets? Mostly Steve?

7 Apr 2021 Sanjay

Almost always Steve.

Quetzal is a neat desperation option if you can't find a fracter and you are getting locked out. I've entertained turning into Los and Reina but I've never actually done it.