Offworld Skunkworks (3rd Chatteris SC)

Kikai 1159

4-1 at Chatteris SC with wins against Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter, 419: Amoral Scammer and Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist, and a loss against 419: Amoral Scammer.


Not too much to say here really.

Pinsel shared the core of a Skunk/Void Asa list in slack.

Binarydogs was then kind enough to share a UK refinement (originally including a spicy 1 x Border Control). I love how committed the UK competitive scene is to list transparency. Be sure to check out .

The Manegarm Skunkworks + Anoetic Void interaction is fairly disgusting, but I'm generally okay with any Corp strategy that brings Political Operative into the meta (just installing that card makes me feel smart).

Questionable card choices

The original agenda suite was 3 x Project Vitruvius (instead of Offworld Office) and only 2 x Global Food Initiative.

In testing I found a couple of things jumped out about this suite:

So I made the questionable decision to swap out Project Vitruvius to Offworld Office, and the (maybe) less questionable decision to go to 3 x Global Food Initiative.

Because of the changes in the agenda suite, I also dropped Biotic Labor. Not 100% confident in this decision, but the Skunk/Void remote is so strong that a Biotic closer "feels" unnecessary.