Clot-O-Lypse (7-0 in NtscapeNavigator SC, 3th out of 70)

ArminFirecracker 892

The story

I was about to play a sightly modified Lat Shapoc from Havvy. But on the day of the tournament I woke up: "This BTL list with Red Planet Couriers is so strong. I need to play Clot!"

So while I was busy in the morning, I did some deck-building in my head and had only time for 2 quick test games. But it worked out! I replaced the 2nd Paperclip with Clot. Furthermore SMC and Simulchip came in for Compile and some dupilcates.


Camp the remotes, so all the agendas are stuck in HQ or R&D. When the remotes gets too expensive, its time to blast the Apocalypse.

alt text

Sadly there is not much Central pressure execpt one Conduit with Contaminate. But usually you want to run centrals only for apoc anyway.


Clot-O-Lypse managed to be the only unbeaten runner deck in the tournament.

The Clot include really worked out, it won me the match against Spombo and Build to Last with Atlases. It also helped a lot in three games against CtM.

The win vs Spombo was lucky, since he miscalculated his clicks and didnt realize how he could win. His Best Defense could trash my Artist Colony quickliy after it sacked 3 Agendas and a Meridian.

I was mostly afraid from Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design. It is so fast and has an extra Hand size. But it actually worked out. Since Lat is my favorit runner, I cursed NISEI a bit for giving PD an extra Hand Size for no good reason.


How many times did Lat trigger?

  1. Spombo: 2 out of 11 turns. Superconducting Hub made it impossbile
  2. Ctm: once out of 7 turns
  3. Ctm: 13 out of 19 turns
  4. Ctm: 8 out of 16 turns
  5. PD: 8 out of 14 turns
  6. Build To Last: 9 out of 13 turns
  7. Acme: 10 out of 19 turns

Ctm often just installed all cards, so in this tournament it turned out more difficult to trigger Lat vs Ctm than vs PD.


I really like the new shaper economy. VRcation works very well to discard Out of the Ashes. I even didnt try to hide I am on Apoc.

Telework Contract works very well with Lat. Often I don't want to spend clicks for drawing, so I end up using the leftover click for running or teleworking.

Early Simulchips were often used for Harbinger. Although they were usually crucial later for the clot thread or to bring back Conduit and the breakers.

I often discarded Conduit. In the hope to bring him back when RnD is open. Often, I had no Simulchips left for it. But I still think it is a good include.

Beth Kilrain-Chang was very good in the two games without apoc trigger. But otherwise not very tempo positive. Usually the extra clicks from Out of the Ashes are enough for the apoc trigger. So here are the Beth triggers.

  1. Sports: 10
  2. Ctm: 4
  3. Ctm: not installed
  4. Ctm: 8
  5. PD: 1
  6. Build to Last: 1
  7. Acme: 3

Possible Changes

Overclock could be a good include. It works well with SMC but not with Out of the Ashes. So i didnt dare to throw it in last minute. And I am also not sure what to cut for it except Beth.

Also check out my corp . It is much more fun than the win rate suggestes.

11 May 2021 Jinsei

Shapoc undefeated! Beautiful to see man. Just beautiful.

11 May 2021 Elsman

Love the stroy and the stats! Thank you!

11 May 2021 Havvy

Love the deck, and good job on the placement! I'll be taking some inspiration fronm this deck for sure! Also thanks for the name drop too <3

11 May 2021 BizTheDad

This deck is really good. Thanks for sharing.

11 May 2021 rustryder

cool deck, I might want to try the shell in Tao or any zero-link shaper :p

12 May 2021 Matuszczak

Love the stats!!! Make me consider trying Lat :)

13 May 2021 Shorty

Armin brings the shape back in Shaper, nice performance all day!

13 May 2021 apo

Isn't this just better in Tao? Smaller deck compensates for Lat's ability and then Tao's ability looks like an added bonus.

14 May 2021 ArminFirecracker

Tao is an option. But I got more experience with playing Lat and cutting 5 cards is tough.

14 May 2021 Dr.2Late

Armin Is so hot right now.

14 May 2021 Gries

Congrats, Armin! Nice to see that Apoc is a shaper card now apparently. :D I love the Contaminate splash