Pingu Sports - 4th at 38 Person York Regional

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This is the list I used to come 4th at the York regional. Like London there were additional prizes as well as the Nisei kit, these prizes included prizes for the best performance by each faction, I decided that HB would likely be the least represented so I thought I would try to play HB (which is my fav corp faction too)
The deck name continues my traditional of using two cards from the deck and making a mess of the name in this case Punitive and Jinja, also Pingu sounds like Ping you i.e I ping you for damage (we had a long journey back from York to discuss this)

Card Choices

Violet Level Clearance - I have always liked this card but can be dangerous at times, but with Jinja you can get some free installs and as you need to rush it can be good for that early tempo
Navi Mumbai Grid - Purely in the deck for Surfer and D4v1D was a 3 of originally but as you want to use it once the remote is setup you can afford to wait a bit for it
Punitive Counterstrike - In test games I often found Agendas would pile up in HQ allowing the runner to steal a lot in one go, I was trying to fix this with cards to filter agendas out of HQ but then I realised why not just play Punitive and kill the runner instead.
Ash - With surfer decks being able to get into remotes easily I wanted another way to keep them out and force them to run again with their Laamb ability used up

The Day

Round 1 - I used my SC bye to chat to people and wander about
Round 2 - As is now York tradition (i.e second time it has happened) I faced Jamie on Jesminder, I got a good start and was able to build a Jinja remote which I rushed out of before He was able to contest it.
Round 3 - I faced Andy who was part of the AirBnB crew (along with Ian, Sam, Chris and Swiftie thanks to you all for your advice btw.) Andy was on Leela I was able to score an early agenda but he kept the pressure on and I then started to get a bit flooded, he had been checking Archives so I put 2 GFI in the bin with a punitive in hand, unfortuntely he ran HQ and saw the punitive and guessed what the agendas were. I managed to score a Vitruvius with a token on it so I could pull back a GFI. I then did this and went to score but Andy managed to steal an agenda from elsewhere and bounce it back to my hand, I then tried it again and managed to succeed
Round 4 - I IDed this round, I used this time to explore the building
Round 5 - I IDed this round, I tried to figure out how to manually work out SoS, I failed

Cut Round 1 - I faced Jonny on Wu. I went very aggressive and got a jinja to setup a basic remote with some ice and an Ash. With no ice on HQ and R&D I scored an early GFI and then put a Project Vituvius in the remote as he has no breakers or SMCs installed, he was able to install Laamb, Wu surfer, scavenge surfer then stimhack the remote, he was able to steal the agenda but it left him on one card and I had punitive in hand so I was able to get my only flatline of the day
Cut Round 4 - I faced Ben on 419. I kept a questionable hand which then became a disaster as I had 5 agendas in hand, Ben started to pressure HQ and stole a GFI I used my ID to draw up which drew a punitive which he then saw on his next run, this caused him to back off and be cautious with his accessess, I was able to get to 4AP but he had stolen all the GFIS by this point making me winning very hard and eventuallyy he stole the winning agenda from R&D

Final Thoughts

The deck performed as I expected (good vs Shaper and less good vs Criminal) I don't think I would make many changes, the main debate is how many punitive and how many Navi Mumbai Grid (Swiftie told me 3 punitive, Catherine told me 2 and Navi, I went with the latter) also Ash could become another card but not sure what. Again suggestions welcome

Thanks to all my opponents, the AirBnb crew, Aki for running a great event and for the Padlock for deputising for the Dont Run Duck who was in a conference in Miami

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11 Aug 2019 Cliquil

What not in Custom Biotics? For shame sir for shame! :D

12 Aug 2019 rotage

Lol, you could make it CB and add stuff like border control and more Navi and punitive