Best Defense Protocol

aleph_c 620

First, accept that the runner will eventually be able to get in, and they will probably steal agendas. Then, ask: how can I make it hurt?

The fundamentals of this deck remain the same: (a) gear check and (b) click tax via damage and tags.

But now we have new toys.

  • Obokata Protocol is wonderfully frustrating for the runner.
  • Kakugo is the absolute best barrier for Palana.
  • Mirāju is great for managing HQ.
  • DNA Tracker is a punishing facecheck and a good Faust tax.
  • And with IPO, now we can pay for it.

(Ben Musashi would be nice, but he got cut because I want the upgrades to do damage regardless of whether or not the runner steals anything.)

Unfortunately, Film Critic really turns off our Protocol, and there are more of them running around these days. Buy off the Critics (and Señor Marrón) with the help of the MCA.

The least obvious tip for playing this deck: You will sometimes want to never-advance an agenda in the remote for a few reasons.

  • Your remote will be more punishing to run through than HQ.
  • It gives a little more bluffing potential with your upgrades and Snares.
  • It allows you to better manage your hand or to have a spare click on the turn you score.
  • A Junebug with three advancements is a more serious threat than one with two.
4 Jul 2017 dmartel

I like the MCA informant. I was trying out Voter Intimidation but cut it in favour or Caprice. Will definitely try yours out as the style is very different than what I'm testing :