Notorious Daily Quester

Flashfires 540

This deck utilizes the new central only breakers in combination with Quest Completed to maintain utter board control. Silhouette is uniquely positioned, thanks to her ability, in always knowing which cards to access or not access with a Quest Completed. Having no multi-access for R&D available, this deck aims to make the most of the new Legwork card to target fast advance and Cerebral Imaging's most vulnerable point, their agenda cluttered hand. Magnum Opus provides more money than we can dream of, plenty to play big draws like Quality Time and to leverage our Doppelganger's ability to let us pressure harder than other Runners. Feint and Emergency Shutdown will also allow us to put more economic pressure on the corp as well. Finally, Notoriety can grant a surprise win from as few as 4 to 7 with use of Early Bird + Doppelganger. I decided to include the new S&W '35 hardware both as Power Shutdown defense and as a way to remove pesky Jackson Howards from the Corps remotes. The other option was Silencer which would give us more of an economic advantage by making our first sentry use each turn cheaper, but I decided to give the new toy a try first.

6 May 2014 steevo15

This is a really awesome Idea, and I like the idea of a Silhouette deck without blackguard and her expose ability synergizes so well with quest completed. It seems like you've really covered all your bases here. With the increase of jinteki players thats bound to happen, I'd be afraid of multi-accessing from HQ. As a long time jinteki player myself, I know that I'll usually let snares and shocks pile up in HQ to make it a spikey place to be. I've even seen weyland and NBN (less so) use snares with enough frequency to be afraid of it. With your focus on HQ pressure here, I'd almost think that executive wiretaps or expert schedule analyzer (obvious MU problems with this one) would be worth it as a 1 of. This way you wouldn't be wasting your legworks on a hand full of ice or operations. New toys are fun, but I think with how often you'll be running, on each of the three centrals, you need to save every credit you can, and silencer might actually be more worth it. However, I've definitely already heard some good success stories from people using S&W.

6 May 2014 eXister

security testing , instead of wiretraps and expert analyzer - is good choice to help avoid traps from hq and trigger Silhouette ability

7 May 2014 Sojourne

a bit hard to kill Jacksons with the gun because the corp will simply use them when they see you have run HQ. That's assuming if the Jacksons are already rezzed.

8 May 2014 cranked

Yeah, I'm not sold on the S&W either, especially if you're trying to get rid of Jacksons with it. I could see it being useful against those pesky Ashes and Caprises, but once Jackson is on the table he's pretty slippery.

9 May 2014 surgeus

I can't see S&W being useful against Caprice either since she's almost certainly going to be on HQ against a criminal deck and if Ash stopped your access you'd probably prefer to trash him with money than 2 clicks anyway since 2 clicks is 4 credits with Opus.

11 May 2014 Ozvaldo

I don't think the remote breakers are any better than the anarch breakers/suckers. I tested a silouette + blackguard + snitch deck heavily and I would struggle with the remote breakers. Magnus Opus is OK but Katie jones can equally do the job.

12 May 2014 tgtoland

This is going to sound dumb but with account siphon in this deck, are you floating tags or getting rid of them? I Ask because I was debating between adding 2 security testing or 2 dirty laundry and it kinda changes based on whether or not you're meant to float tags.

19 May 2014 Flashfires

@tgtoland I normally clear tags just as a safety net. I do like running Security Testing, it makes dealing with Shocks and Shi.Kyus in archives much more manageable.

27 May 2014 ihmcallister

How does the deck cope against HB Glacier?