Thank You Partner and Kids - Startup World Champ Lat

tvaduva 434

This won the first Null Signal Games Startup World's Championship in 2022.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for my full write-ups. My Corp write-up is here.

Both decks were undefeated on the day in the games that I played. This Lat won against a wide array of Corps: Pravdivost Consulting, Precision Design, and Jinteki: Personal Evolution (PE). And the same Near-Earth Hub (NEH) twice in the Cut.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember many details in my early Swiss rounds games. Except against PE, I could not make many mistakes and had to have enough cards in grip to check facedown cards even if they are likely ambushes. In the Cut, I had to find Paricia early and play the long calculated game to not let the board get out of control and use Stargate and/or Deep Dive to find the last agendas before I run out of steam.

Lat is probably the strongest Runner in this Startup meta. There’s probably some tweaks to the draw/econ cards that may make it better.

In terms of tech-cards, Paricia is very helpful against any Corps relying on assets and key to winning the NEH games in the Cut. I’m not sure how critical Clot is in the meta (I think I only used it in the finals match). Stoneship Chart Room was helpful against Jinteki: Personal Evolution, but only drawing two cards doesn’t feel great.

Hyperbaric can probably be another Shaper decoder, unless you can fit in another Rigging Up. This deck should probably have 2-3 Dirty Laundry as well (maybe cut 1 Deep Dive and 1 Into the Depths). Let me know if you find any changes that test well.

I’ve been playing Netrunner since just before Cyber Exodus (and I played the first version in the 90’s for a bit as a kid). My Netrunner longevity is just a bit less than I’ve known my partner. I am grateful that she saw how important playing this game has been to me, even as kids came into the picture. We now have three kids that are eight and under.


I am grateful for the long weekend with friends playing Netrunner for almost every waking hour. Thank you to my local meta in the Metro Detroit area who cheered me on and to those who attended with me (Raphael/@battlefruit, NSG President Austin/@icecoldjazz, AJ/@Ajak, Tom, and Craig/@criminallyplayed, who got sick at the last minute and couldn’t join our carpool). To the late Crown of Servers pickups, @Trillian, @hedonismbot, and @Bilby that allowed us to complete two Metro Detroit teams. To the NSG Rules team that I occasionally volunteer on and to finally getting a chance to meet in person, Rules Manager, Jamie, who did a great job running Worlds. To the Itinerant Pro-Testers (join here), the wide open testing group that helped me with advice and Standard test games. To my opponents and fellow Netrunner enthusiasts for some amazing games: @Dragoonkin, @BinkBonkle, @maninthemoon, @is44ru, and @FireRL. You’ve given me some of the most fun games of Netrunner.

And to my family, now I come home a World Champion.

Startup World Champion

2 Dec 2022 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

🔥 I hope you get to be a Netrunner hero to your kiddos! My daughter was just born 3 weeks ago! Is 3 weeks old too early to start them on this addiction!? 🤣

Of the 5 names you listed as opponents ^, 3 of them are Seattle’s crew 💪🤯!

Congrats @tvaduva! Congrats on your decisive no-loss win, congrats on crushing the inaugural Startup World Championship, and congrats on delivering my only losses to me! You were an admiral and wonderfully fun opponent, and I will remember this event and our matches very fondly 🥳

2 Dec 2022 tvaduva

Thank you for you kind words, @xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL). The Seattle crew was awesome and I my trip there right after was wonderful (too much to do with the family to take in any local Netrunner scene too).

Congrats on the new addition to your family. Your partner is pretty awesome too to be able to take an international trip pretty close to the due date! I'm hoping an 8 year old definitely is, so we're going to start on Gateway soon.