Triple Boom Outfit (Panic Style) -- 2nd, 9th @20 player CO

BinkBonkle 131

Esa disrupting your kill plan? Play 3x of every key piece and complain post-match when your stuff gets milled anyway. Also shaper isn't real. This went 2-3 on the day.

During testing for this tournament, the general consensus was that there were no decks that felt good into both Esa and Hoshiko (not to mention Lat). So the day before the CO, after giving up on the 6mari I was previously leaning towards, I fell back to Eli | ThatsNoMun's idea of a kill Outfit given extra consistency through, in WhiteBlade's words, some "core set deckbuilding".

There are only so many ways to spread your influence in this kind of list, so eventually we were going to play Endless EULA. It's annoying for our Bankhar Esa to deal with and 15 ice makes it easier to glacier up when needed.

Tournament Report

  • R1: win v. Beatrix's TagMe Zahya. Slightly awkward game after I land an early HHN only to realize I probably lose to an HQ Counter Surveillance. But I manage to rush out just in time.

  • R2: win vs. Eli's Banktongue. Outfit v. Esa I ended up not building a remote this game. Instead heavily icing centrals and smoothly cruising to 4BP. I think the scores this game were an early Hostile -> Audacity Atlas -> Reg Cap -> Reg Cap

  • R3: Eric - ID

  • R4: loss v. Colin's Steveshiko+. 15 ice felt good here. I had a rough start but parked a RegCap in the remote and was able to hit 4 BP quickly ... almost too quickly. Colin was on Maw and installed 2 red orbs turn 1 or 2 so I iced centrals hard and tried to grind it out but just couldn't quite get there. Maw hit a RegCap out of 5 cards at a critical point and I was mostly locked from there.

  • Grand Finals loss v. Eric's Lat. Pseudo unwinnable especially once Eric installs Misdirection turn 1 but I tried to rush hard and value HHN wherever possible. I rushed to 5, using EW and HHN for tempo to NA an atlas and a regcap with clot sitting in the bin. But then Eric started digging and had me locked immediately. Big blunder this game was putting a EULA on the remote that Eric was never going to run instead of on R&D to make conduit digging more expensive.

Turns out shaper is real after all :)

Check out our Esâ and join us for another CO on June 10th if you're in the area

23 May 2023 maninthemoon

Shaper isn't real, this TBH.

23 May 2023 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

❎ Shaper isn’t real. Just a flash in the pan.

Congrats on your 2nd place 🔥