NEH Flash - FFG Event Center Regionals Top 8

haerik 228

Based on Benticurus' When the Flash Wears Yellow deck, I managed to go 5-1 in Swiss with this deck. Together with my runner deck (Prepaid Kate, there's nothing too exciting about it) this got me to 4th seed going into the top 8. In the top 8 it was 1-1, for 6-2 overall.

Here's what I faced and any notes I can remember (less than I would like):

  1. Stealth Andy (Jens Erickson) - Win - I scored a 6 point Beale on the same turn I midseasoned. Then a breaking news finished it out

  2. Reg MaxX - Win

  3. Stealth Hayley - Win

  4. Prepaid Ken - Loss - The only runner who was able to keep up with me on credits. Combine that with a couple bad R&D accesses, and I lost pretty badly.

  5. L4J Wizzard - Win

  6. L4J Wizzard - Win


Game 1. Noise - Win - Turn 1 I installed a naked Astro and was able to score it turn 2. After seeing a couple clearances and a gift he felt ok stealing an NAPD. This let me land a huge midseason. A top-decked Beale then finished the game without even needing the astro token.

Game 3. Kate - Loss - He was running clot. Combine that with the prepaid economy and it didn't end well. I probably made a couple mistakes since I hadn't played this deck against clot before this game.

Overall I did way better than I expected to. I like running the two Celebrity Gifts, and so I prefer this out of NEH compared to the original TWiY*. I do have a few changes I would make:

-1 Corporate Shuffle and -1 Quandary and/or -1 Pop-Up Window for some combination of Fast Track and Cyberdex Virus Suite. In the last game against Kate with clot, the CVS might have saved me. And Fast Track is just so good when you can search, install, and score with psycho in one turn. There weren't any specific situations that it would have helped in, but I think it's worth considering, especially since R&D lock is a very real possibility with this ice suite.

Looking a couple packs ahead, I think I would prefer to run the following agenda suite: 3x Astro, 3x Beale, 3x Explode-a-palooza, 1x NAPD. Explode-a-palooza has two upsides over NAPD: 1. It's a slightly larger credit swing, and 2. The runner can't refuse to steal it, which if they see a midseasons is pretty common.

14 Jun 2015 ItJustGotRielle


14 Jun 2015 haerik

I was slotting the clot in my runner deck. It definitely won me a game

15 Jun 2015 LSK

I notice you're not playing Errand Boy - did it do bad for you in testing? Ichi is obviously amazing but it seems like a very different card choice.

16 Jun 2015 haerik

If you expect a lot of anarch, don't play Errand Boy. It's just too easy to parasite. Quandry and pop-up window are too, but at least you didn't dump 4 credits into them.

Ichi may not be the best use of the influence, but I wanted 1 or 2 pieces of ice with a bit of a bite, and it fits that description. Plus, if it lands it turns wraparound and/or quandary back on.

1 Oct 2015 benticurus

maybe im late to the party... but congratulations on the high placing, im happy the deck did well for you ;)