Nobody expects the milan inquisition! (2-1@CO@Pd 13/05/23)

Drager 218

The Milan meta took a different route on the Sillymodernism deck that swept the Swiss national changing the Snares for a pet card.

The result are this deck (that went 4-0) and the Newsmodernism from Mr Pelle that went 3-1 (the only loss was a 2 minute time-limit match that saw the runner access an Project Atlas for the 2 points needed for the win).

With +1 Extract, -1 Government Subsidy the deck was quit e successful in the next (Padova) tourneament as well, scoring a 2-1 (or 3-1 if we count the "other" match in the 2for1 played just for fun).

And let me tell you.. the faces of my opponents when they access the News Team, in archives or in a open remote installed as a fake Spin Doctor.

Milan Inquisition

The card stopped almost everyone from winning during the day, giving precious time to score the last Regulatory Capture and/or Hostile Takeover for the win.

The game plan is the same as every Outfit deck:

If you manage to have the first, and/or the second condition, you can put on your slippers (or as they say in Turin "stai in ciabatte!") and win in 2-3 turns later. Warning: Early RnD Multiaccess can be the downfall for this deck, but news team is there also to slow them down!

During the first GNK I scored wins against Esâ, Apex. Hoshiko and Khumalo. Here I lost against Kumalo and won against 2 Hoshikos

Shout-out to @MrPelle for the big support and testing, @Ar00nDELL for the organization!

See you in Milan for the upcoming tournaments!