Keung of Centrals

Diogene 3789

New iteration on my previous list.

The main strategy stay : Apocalypse as often as possible.

Mulligan plan : you want at least two cards that give you money early on.

This version work better for two reasons :

  1. It is packed with as much money as I could put. Only 12 cards out of 45 do not draw or give me creds.

  2. Stargate instead of eXer and Chastushka, because Jinteki: Personal Evolution is back and the best solution is Stargate.

Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist will always be better for Apocalypse, because one central server can be ignored, usually.

The deck is otherwise very straightforward, you accumulate as much creds as possible until you get Apocalypse in hand. Then you trash the board. Hopefully, you will have a Stargate waiting to be used.

Considering that Deep Dive is even more popular than Apocalypse, and with power cards like Chastushka and Diversion of Funds commonly used, it is almost a wonder why Crisium Grid is not in every decks.

The weakness of the deck are tags. We have no way to deal with them.

But you'll be very rich, so that should not matter much.