Reaver Circus (German Nationals 4th)

TugtetguT 2005

A 46 card Proco/Shop Hayley as per usual :P

Essentially it's the same old circus that I played at Euros, but with the un-restriction of Clone Chip and restriction of Skorpios swapping Sacrificial Constructs for Clone Chips is very natural. With the addition of CC, the tutoring from Artist Colony was also pretty redundant so that was also cut for a second Indexing. Net-Ready Eyes still saves a ton of money in a lot of match-ups and I wouldn't cut it. The Imp I played at euros got cut for a copy of Reaver which frequently draws you 10+ cards during games. Unfortunately it's 4 influence so I also swapped a Legwork for a copy of Hunting Grounds which helps with IP Block's/Raven's etc. I really missed the Legwork during the tournament, but also liked having Reaver. The hunting grounds was so so and could be whatever 1 inf utility card.

Still no Stimhack. Compile and Stimhack share the same function in the deck and as you are often rich with this deck I value the tutoring + free Brahman target more than the raw money from stimhack.

I think in future iterations I'll try swapping both Femme and Hunting Grounds for Nanotek and Legwork.

Also thank you to everyone I got to play with and meet in Düsseldorf, it was a ton of fun to participate in this tournament with everyone of you.

6 Sep 2018 D3thvir

Thanks for sharing, I play a very similar deck and I thought also about reaver to mitigate the drawback of Brahman 's use. No current ? Scarcity hurts the deck a lot and why not trying the scavenge compile combo?

7 Sep 2018 postis

How is compile and scavenge a combo? Program leaves play at end of run.

8 Sep 2018 EnderA

I'd guess it lets you scavenge a program into your heap and then compile it back in later. That makes way more sense if you're Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker with e.g. Flame-out (in which case of course you're already running scavenge), which this is not.

8 Sep 2018 falseidol

Without Artist Colony, Fan Sites are probably better as Same Old Thing, no?

8 Sep 2018 TugtetguT

Fan sites with Shadow Net is still a ton of value, same old things are very slow compared to shadow net.

10 Sep 2018 hsiale

With Reaver drawing you so many cards, do you have enough left to profit enough on ProCo?