AMERICA CtM (Worlds 2018 1st Place)

Paranoid31 493

This list was devised completely by American players. I changed two slots on a whim without testing. Adding SEA Source/Closed is probably correct because of Shaper with Misdirection.

Market Forces for 9c. :aurevoir:

11 Sep 2018 cranked

"That deserves a drink." - Joe Schupp, 2018

11 Sep 2018 oumuamua

How did you feel about the overall balance of Corp vs Runner at worlds? From what I've seen on stream it felt like runners being pretty clearly favored at the moment.

What would you take out for SEA/CLOSED? 1x HHN and Market Forces?

11 Sep 2018 lopert


25 Oct 2018 d3dmouth.ver.2

Swapped out two of the Team Sponsorship for Project Junebug. Shenanigans