Seidrcoats (3rd place @ All Aboard Q1 GNK)

str4atman 153

With the latest Most Wanted list out for a week, it's time to get back to playing Glacier decks!

This is essentially the same deck as Dan D'Argenio's Friendscoats decks listed here:

but I cut out the Wall of Statics for Seidr Adaptive Barriers, and also the Ravana for another Vanilla.

Went 2 - 2 during the event. Probably would have been 3 - 1, except for a moment of stupidity when I allowed a Jackson to be trashed with 3 agendas in archives.

Wins were against LeeMaw and Whizzard with Sifr, Rumor Mill and Parasite. Losses were against Andromeda and Omar.

Round 1 vs. Andromeda (Loss)

Facing off against Bernard, we trade agendas back and forth while building up our board states. As a testament to Bernard's playing skills, I never, ever fired off Ash or Caprice in this game. Eventually, I lock him out of R&D and my scoring remote, but he manages to use Legwork and The Turning Wheel to steal my lone GFI in HQ just before I could score out my last agenda.

Round 2 vs. Omar (loss)

An utterly embarassing game that was over way too soon. After an agenda was stolen by Zahir early.I mis-remembered how many agendas I pitched over into Archives, before I let him trash a naked Jackson, thinking that I could just Friends it back later. He then makes a regular run into Archives, wins the psi game against Caprice, and steals 3 face-down agendas in there. A good lesson for me to check. Every. Card. In. Archives before letting the runner trash Jackson.

Round 3 vs. Leela (win)

Having to respect Account Siphon, I choose to ignore R&D in order to ice up HQ and start on securing a scoring remote. Jonathan pokes R&D a couple of times to steal an agenda and install Tapwrm, but I'm not set back too badly. That first Tapwrm got him at least 8 creds. So much value.

Eventually, I put Caprice on HQ and Ash on R&D while waiting for agendas to come up. By this time, Jon has managed to set up a HQ Interface and 2 Gang Signs, which puts me on edge. Jackson Howard gets used a lot so I can sculpt my hand for the perfect score. I don't quite manage it too well, and scoring an ABT (which wasted a Jackson, an Adonis, and a Breaker Bay Grid), also nets him a GFI.

Jon runs Archives to check my failed ABTs, right into 2 Ichi 1.0s. With only one Mongoose, he loses it, a Peregrine, AND a Femme from brain damage. Any further Tapwrms he manages to install are immediately purged, which are WAY easier to do when you have sexbots giving you free creds at the same time. After a while, he concedes the game, having most of his breakers trashed, and no way into any of my remotes.

Round 4 vs. Whizzard (win)

Another really, really tense game! I decide to go balls to the walls with my first turn and install Turing with an Eve Campaign and Breaker Bay Grid behind it. Wei Chun pokes centrals over a couple of turns, trashing an Adonis and Jackson. I recur them with Friends, and eventually start scoring out while he sets up his board state with Injects and Liberated Accounts. At one point, I check his heap to see TWO Paperclips in there, and regret not slotting Ark Lockdown in the deck.

I manage to score out 2 agendas before the Sifr comes down, followed by an incessant Parasite + Medium onslaught on R&D. A Siedr Adaptive Barrier dies, followed by an Ichi 1.0. I don't rez my Fairchilds because of Yog and Sifr. Wei Chun sees 2 cards. 3 cards. 4 cards. Econ. assets and a Caprice are trashed, but he sees no agendas.

Between purges, I manage to overscore a Vitrivius to retrieve a trashed Caprice and install her on R&D. I have a couple of turns respite before he slaps down Rumor Mill.


I manage to somehow top deck an ABT throughout all the Medium digs, and install it behind Ichi 1.0, Seidr, and a Turing. This is where the height of the game is. Wei Chun runs on the remote with about 12 creds. Breaks the Ichi, then thinks for a long moment before decided to Sifr the Seidr. I heave a sign of relief and rez the Turing. With no sucker tokens, and Ice Carver not lower Turing's strength quite enough. I score out the last agenda for the win.

Final Toughts

Despite the 2 losses. I do think HB Glacier is in a good position in the meta. My losses were due to piloting errors rather than any deficiencies in the deck. If there were any changes I'd make, I'd try out -1 Eli, +1 Seidr. With everybody and their mother running Paperclip, Eli doesn't really do as much as Seidr.