LOLSHAPER [1st @ Alphaspel SC, Stockholm SWEDEN]

mcbeast 1018

This deck is called LOLSHAPER because it's stupid as hell.

@gtm gave me his list (big thanks dude!) which was only 45 cards and used 14 inf (!). I just added Stimhack to the list, therefore 46 cards. If you wanna cut something, maybe one SMC. The extra card in the deck makes no difference in my opinion, as you draw fast as hell with Laguna.

I piloted this and @tugtetgut's famous Threat Level Alpha + Stinson CI (which is also stupid as hell) at Alphaspel Store Champ in Stockholm on January 27th. Won against Skorpios, Moomin CI, Brain Rewiring CI (x2) and IG. Lost one game against Gagarin (I'm really bad against that ID).

Plan is simple: Get Luna and Beth out quickly, draw like a maniac to get your rig up, then go Levy when needed. Steal agendas and sacrifice them to Shadow Net for money. The more money you have, the more likely you'll win. Otherwise you can just get rid of one of the Corps win-con (scoring out). EAT THOSE AGENDAS! And always have at least one Levy in hand/in the stack. Chronos Project is starting to become a thing.

Tech cards:

  • Dummy Box: Great against Best Defense and Hunter Seeker.
  • Two Femme Fatale: Two Miraju? Lol.
  • Two Levy: You can now draw through your deck faster, take more damage and have kind of an infinite Clot-lock.
  • Dedicated Processor: Install it on either Inti or Na'No'Tek.

Shapers are dumb. Hayley is dumb.

30 Jan 2018 gejben

you're dumb

30 Jan 2018 gejben

You're dumb

30 Jan 2018 gejben

Also, cut the stupid Na'Not'K you dummy.

30 Jan 2018 Longi

Hi, what is your play against Estelle CI? I myself play Laguna Hayley and canĀ“t keep the pace with Estelle :(

30 Jan 2018 RavnR

Beating that deck was easy. //Guy who played Gagarin

30 Jan 2018 RavnR

Beating this deck was easy. / The guy who played Gagarin

30 Jan 2018 RavnR

Beating this deck was easy. /the guy who played Gagarin

30 Jan 2018 mcbeast

@Longi Moon CI is hard, as you don't have Film Critic. I may be wrong, but I try to trash as much assets as possible in kind of like this order, depending on the situation:

  • Jeeves
  • Team Sponsorship
  • Lakshmi
  • Sandburg

Jeeves gives the Moon more speed and windows to score out agendas. Without Jeeves, they have a much harder time to score.

Team Sponsorship is for re-installing Jeeves/Lakshmi. Without TS, they usually have no recursion.

Lakshmi hinders you from stealing agendas. No Lakshmi, more steal.

Sandburg is is annoying and makes it very hard to use normal breakers. Use Femme when needed instead if you can't reach Sandburg.

Money is key against Moon CI, so eat those agendas for money, and keep Tapwrm alive!