[SOCR6] Campy Wu

internet_potato 956

This deck dragged down my undefeated corp to a 7th place finish in SOCR6. I had a 2-5 record, and one of those wins involved seeing 6 points with indexing while I had the 1x Mad Dash in hand. So I can't claim a ton of credit for that.

Compile seemed pretty sweet with Flame-out, and with Maxwell James, Femme Fatale, and Logic Bomb I thought that I could camp remotes effectively. To pull that off consistently with any kind of staying power, I needed to run 3x of Laamb, Engolo, Compile, and Flame-out (which you will note is a shitload of slots), and it still didn't have the staying power for the long game. It really needed some HQ pressure to take advantage of a loaded HQ. The reliance on Compile made it hard to apply the high-impact run strategy to central server wincons (Deep Data Mining, Indexing, and Mad Dash).

After shitting the bed in 3 out of my first 4 matches and any number of non-tournament test games, I switched to a Magnum Opus based build that I thought would have a better late game. It turned out to be too slow in the cut and mainly won my last round of swiss due to the aforementioned very lucky indexing hit.

If you want to see this deck barf all over itself, there are a number of videos of it doing precisely that at the event's Always Be Running page. Big thanks to FightingWaloon for organizing the event and the cool peeps at #cacherefreshtourney for being really fun and nice.