SYNC EOI 1st place Malmö Regionals

Siegl 675


This deck ended up going 5-0 on the day, winning against Au revoir Andy twice, Stealth Hayley twice and a PPvP Kate. I had only played my decks deck once before the tournament and barely any netrunner at all in about a month unfortunately. Thankfully this deck carried my 2-3 runner.

The tournament was quite small with 15 players, meaning 4 swiss rounds and top 4 cut. I was the only one coming in with a super bye. We were recording the top table the whole tournament, where I ended up playing all my matches except round 2. So hopefully you'll be able to see that with commentary, including mine.

The deck is based on Camlimsha's SYNC EoI. First I did the change he recommended in the comments of that deck; taking out The All-Seeing I for a Resistor. After my practice games I ended up taking out the Bernice Mai's and Closed Accounts for 3 Pop-Up Windows. Thanks to that money was never a problem in the tournament, so much so that I think -1 Pop-Up +1 Turnpike would've been better. I do like having the extra ICE even if they have zero stopping power. The presence alone can slow down the runner while netting me some cash. Another change I might consider is -2 Blue Level Clearance +1 Biotic Labor and a Sensie Actors Union or something to compensate for the draws of BLC. In that case I would stick to 3 Pop-Ups however. You are really dependent on FAing out the Astro train or Breaking News>EoI. Biotic might save you in matchups where you don't get to keep SanSans on the board for a turn.

Round 1 vs bye: Super bye! Got some sweet rest on a couch. I was pretty sleep deprived coming in, having worked night shift all week and slept like 4h the night before. (4 points)

Round 2 vs Sebastian (Au Revoir Andy/NEH FA): The winner of Nordic Championships 2014 and a really cool guy from my local meta in southern Sweden. Description coming 2-2 (6 points)

Round 3 vs Simon (Stealth Hayley/PE): Awesome guy coming down with a quite large group (for this tournament anyway) from Jönköping a couple of hours away. Description coming 4-0 (10 points)

Round 4 vs Andreas (PPvP Kate/EoI SYNC): Super friendly guy coming down from Varberg, we've met quite a few times in earlier tournaments. Description coming 2-2 (12 points)

I end up as the top seed after swiss with better SoS over Sebastian who's also on 12 points. 3rd seed is Peter, another local, on 11 points and 4th is Simon with 10.

Cut round 1 vs Simon: I chose to play with my corp in this rematch. Both our games were really close in the swiss, but I felt more in control with my SYNC deck. Description coming Win

Cut round 2 vs Peter (Jesminder/IG): Peter haven't been too successful in earlier tournaments, so it was really great to see him doing this well in a Regionals. He's such a nice guy and it's well deserved. I'm running into his #Industrial Genomics. Thankfully I'm top seed and therefore I win if it's tied when time is called. So this game ends up being my best Moby of all time. Win

Final game 1 vs Sebastian: I get randomized to run in game one. Loss

Final game 2 vs Sebastian: Description coming Win

Really fun tournament, everyone is super friendly around here. Interesting meta with only one anarch which was Val!!! Andy ended up taking the top two spots (although mine was definitely on the back of my corp), with shapers getting place 3-6. On the corp side it was a more expected strong showing for NBN taking 4 of the top 6 spots which was all yellow decks in the field. Jinteki really showed up in force with 9 of the 15 players choosing red. The last to decks were Argus, meaning no HB decks in sight.

This deck is a beast, EoI is sooo good. Paired with the agenda suite you have so much control. Even in close games I always felt I had the edge. With basically only 15 points for the runner to steal and a good chance of exchanging any of his two-pointers with my one-pointers it's so hard for the runner to get to 7AP. Rushing out an Astro/getting a SanSan down early behind a Data Raven is so hard to deal with as a runner. Getting milled might be a problem though with the smaller deck size and you want to draw a lot yourself.

9 Jul 2016 esutter479

Much congrats on your win! This is almost an exact copy of the EoI Sync deck I've been using lately at my local store to befuddle my opponents (barring the bad luck you occasionally get from not drawing agendas when ya need 'em). :) I like the ICE suite, and may have to go 1 Gutenberg/1 Turnpike like you did (right now I run 2 Turnpikes).

10 Jul 2016 Siegl

Thanks! Yeah I really like the Gutenberg on R&D, much more taxing than turnpike for most decks. Obviously more situational though. But like I said in my now updated description I might get a second turnpike for a pop-up, if you are running those. I might try the Biotic thing first though. Could try an Archangel too.

22 Jul 2016 shanodin

Hey dude, your Runner link links back to this page and not to a runner deck!

22 Jul 2016 Siegl

Whoops, fixed!