Moonatic v1.1 1st at Preston SC (18 people)

rotage 2620


This is a spin from the unpopular Lunatic brand of decks, since the loss of VLC I have been trying out different economy options in the deck but not rivalled the sheer power of VLC. I then thought that Estelle Moon could be useful, not only would it provided economy it could also provide car d draw to get the kill cards needed

To make the deck effective it would need assets and upgrades to trigger Estelle Moon so I had to remove the operation economy to make space and add any upgrade or asset to provide money or help kill the runner

I took the deck to a GNK previously where it went 4-1 but I found I lacked a scoring plan so I added Lakshmi Smartfabrics to the list

The deck went 2-1 in swiss (1 ID) and 1-0 in the cut, I beat Val, Val, Sunny and Val I lost to Val (anarch was popular)

Below is a list of how many times I used the kill cards

Prisec used: 0 Neural Emp used: 0 Snare used: 0 Punitve Counterstrike used 0: Helheim used: 0 Brainstoms rezzed: 0

Yes I scored out in all the games that I won, and in effect just played a Moons deck. although the fact my opponents knew I had brainstorm meant they had to respect my ice when I had 9 credits so I still like the kill package

Going forward the deck needs a lot more economy the first change is to change IP block to Vanilla and use the influence to swap Prisec for Turtlebacks, I would also like to add Hedge Fund but not sure what card will be dropped for it

Thanks to all my opponents at the event and for Catherine and Rufus for providing advice on the train on the way up

If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions etc please let me know

25 Mar 2018 Tolaasin

Great to see you yesterday with mojo fully restored - you deserved the win! Goodness only knows what this deck will look like when you take out the prisecs, snares, punitiives and helheims that you aren't using. You can keep the brainstorm as long as you promise not to rez it.

26 Mar 2018 emilyspine

Congrats on your win Dave. No idea how you keep making this nonsense work #teamnohedge

26 Mar 2018 rotage

@Tolaasin Thanks, I'll promise to consider not rezzing the Brainstorm

@emilyspine Thanks, no idea, this turned up to be a lucky meta call as I faced mostly Strike decks and not Film Critic