Zero Tolerance (1st out of 24 at Brno Regionals)

Persopheus 80

Don't let anyone tell you different: Zer0 is not only an awesome card, possibly the best in the cycle, but it is also are perfect card for MaxX - you are trashing cards on a regular basis anyway! Why not do something you are already good at. An earlier version of this deck used Titanium Ribs, but I replaced them and my Injects in the morning before the tournament with two Aumakua, Iced Carver and a Turntable. Once installed, Titanium Ribs are certainly nice, but they are not really needed - either you can play the card or you don't need them. You can always Same Old Indexing, and it won me one game at the Tournament, but make sure you save one Same Old Thing for the Levy or win that round! Rebirth into Quetzal can be very powerful, it won me two games. Clan Vengeance is an amazing card in tandem with Zer0 that complements MaxX's fastness with middle to late game disruption. Brain Cage and Stimhack can speed up the process, but its also possible to let opponents' ice do the work for you. Run into that Komainu or DNA Tracker and you are good (given enough cards or I've Had Worse in your hands). Good against Mti too, which won't be able to use its ability without ice in hand. Show zero tolerance to corp crime by using Clan Vengeance in the paid ability window after the mandatory draw and swipe HQ clear. Even if you don't win by running archives, the corp is not likely to recover.