Temüjin Wizzy: Dutch National winner


Good Afternoon.


This is the deck that I took to Dutch Nationals 2017 and managed to win the whole thing.

It's almost the same deck I took 2nd place with at Leuven Regionals. Only switching Liberated Account for Daily Casts.

It's a very tempo focussed deck, that will get you the right awnsers when you need them.


I don't remember all the names. Sorry it's nothing personal, I'm better at remembering decks

Round 1

Playing againt Jonathan (I think) on Aginfusion. Close and hard fought game. Employee strike saved me a couple of times. But in the end I lost.

(0-2) Not a good start

Round 2

Against one of the two female competitors, playing HB foodcoat. Long though game. She ended up purging around 10 times. In the end she just has a secure server and could score out.

(1-3). I though I was finished for the day

Round 3

Against Bas, on Skorpios. It all came down to Employee Strike, And Maw.


Round 4

I was playing against Blue Sun, so Employee Strike would be my friend the whole game.

Manage to Employee Strike lock him.


Round 5

Lord and behold, I'm playing against my brother. I know his decks inside out and he knows mine (we build them together). He was playing Sync.

Really close game but I ended up on top at the end. Great games @SmokeElmo. You can always give me a call if you want some advise on playing good netrunner ;)


Round 6

Against a Moon deck. He was flooded, and I saw it. Really bad luck for my opponent. Nothing more to say about that game.


HOORAY! I'm in the Cut

The games can be seen on the stream.

Game 1

I ran against the king off swiss. He was playing Sync. He saw no econ and was forced to play the old HB way, install credit credit.

Still it was really close but I manage to win that one

Game 2

I corped this game (won)

Game 3

Run against Rotage on CI Employee strike is my friend, will always be my friend.

MAW managed to win me the game.

Finale game

Against the man who sold his soul to the Devil. Torturing the Belgium meta with Prison RP and Kater Dyper, Ryanbantwins

Really good start for me. I manage to keep him off money, but do steal an Agenda a bit to soon. Resulting in me losing my slums.

Still the combo draw from Obelus and John Masanori kept me going.

Won on a with medium digg.


Run 2 consoles, it's good, it's a secret tech which also grants you style points. Whenever you start to build a runner deck, start with 3 Bloo Moose, 3 Employee Strike. You will not regret it.

No picture of .gif?

I'm sorry. I tried. I failed. I cried. I moved on.

Some finale thanks and shout outs.

@Elwin and his judge (I'm sorry i'm really bad at names). Wonderfull tournament. Smoothly run. Would and probably will come again. Also thanks for the Alt art enigma.

@Belgium meta. Thanks for keeping me off the jank. And telling me to play good decks.

@my Brother. For the test games (drunk and not drunk) And the hours of playing netrunner together.

Now I'm going to play HyperdriverData Leak Reversal Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar for some time.

13 Aug 2017 ANRguybrush

I'm glad you won dutch nats with a regass deck instead of dumb unfair stuff like dyper or my val. Congratz again.

13 Aug 2017 FREDPI

Still haven't seen your deck

13 Aug 2017 Slowriffs

I love that you actually kept the double console "mistake" from the regionals in your deck! Well played!

13 Aug 2017 ANRguybrush
17 Aug 2017 Dazzler

How do you play two consoles ? What if you need maw and obelus was already installed ?

18 Aug 2017 FREDPI

@Dazzler knowing what to play in which matchup is important. Normally you don't need a console that early.

I draw MAW and Obelus at the same time -> MAW will be installed (depending on matchups)

Majority of the time I instal what I draw first. Their both good consoles but yes MAW is better mid to late game.

Obelus is a tech card against moons and prison. Not losing tempo for checking centrals is so important (especially HQ).