Auf "Geist" Wiedersehen: Laser Lord (1st at Laser Runner)

TugtetguT 1999

A version of "German Geist" which finished 1st place at Elwin's Laser Runner event in Enschede this weekend. Elwin personally organised the entire thing plus made and designed gorgeous laser-cut ID's for all 48 attending netrunners!

The cardpool was the so-called "Snapshot+" meta with the corresponding MWL from worlds 2018. The OrgCrime cards weren't legal though.

Why Geist?

My hot take for the snapshot+ meta was that Crowdfunding absolutely ruins any and all asset based tempo/spam deck. Much to my surprise this wasn't the general take and the field consisted of a lot of CtM, NEH and Political Dealings Mti - making my choice of runner somewhat sub-optimal. But seriously though spam is dead, I promise. I was expecting a lot of Mti Glacier and Weyland kill and Geist has a better match-up against these than most. Geist also has the second best answer in the game to Mti's ability in that he doesn't need to run very often. In the end I played against only one jinteki player, Woulter on Palana Fast advance, and he scored out faster than I was able to establish a credit lock or do much at all. So much for trying to think ahead.

Overall the deck went (6-2) winning against 6-agenda Azmari, Timely Public Release Titan, Comrades CtM, The Outfit, Jinja Asa Group and Spags' 'Requiem for a Museum' CtM. Besides Palana I lost to 'Requiem for a Museum" in a game where I never installed a single Tech Trader, Lady Liberty chained out 6 points and I lost the very same turn I was forced to go tag me by accessing the 1-off QPM from HQ :D

The gameplan

This deck differs from Heinzel's original build by having no win condition, but instead it plays a lot of credit denial. So the strategy is to 1: Set-up Traders/Phones. 2: DooF HQ/play "Grant", break 1 Code Gate a turn with Amina and/or derez a barrier with Saker. 3: Keep the corp on 0-5 credits for the rest of the game and deny them any chance of doing anything of meaning. In hindsight I would have wanted to slot a legwork. Without much exception this is how the deck wins when it does.

Auf Wiedersehen

With SystemCore19 Geist and the rotation of Terminal Directive this deck loses: Underworld Contact, Fall Guy, Dean Lister and Maxwell James. Making the deck basically unplayable as it is now. Sad times for our shirtless hero.