Hivemind-less MaxX-less HMM (1st place, Startup tournament Z

lostgeek 3132

we can rebuild her

This is an updated version of my Project Crow deck. It takes the Hivemind MaxX deck from Standard and rebuilds it for the Startup format. The game plan is actually surprisingly similar. Botulus, Chisel and Devil Charm are your main ways of getting into servers early with your boring breakers being useful for the late game.

Conduit is your main way of closing out games, which you work towards, but shouldn't focus on too much in the early game, as it is a huge investment that only pays off later. Your aim should be to keep yourself in a position to contest scoring remotes and if you got any spare clicks and money lying around, work towards getting the Conduit on the board and using it a bunch.

In the event it went 2-1 with the loss against NEH coming mainly from me being too greedy and not refreshing Imp with my last Simulchip because obviously there's no way they can score out that never-advanced card even if it should happen to be a Bellona that I can't steal. Spoiler alert: It was a Bellona and yes, they were very much able to score it...