Copy/Paste/SYNC - Brisbane, AUS - SC winner

Dazm0 614

Decided early in testing that NBN: Controlling the Message had too much hate going against it & that with the current heavy Siphon/Ice destruction that tag punishment was a must.

So SYNC: Everything, Everywhere it was.

Basically just the Ben Ni & the [TWA] SYNC: Everything, Everywhere decks mashed together.

AstroScript Pilot Program over NAPD Contract to be more proactive rather than defensive.

Updated the ice suite to assist against the Power Tap Andy deck in the form of fewer tracers. The single Resistor is there for matchups other than Power Tap games.

One of the main issues I found in testing was there was really no reason to not check remotes and since I'm running so little ice, I decided a single News Team would be good for remote check punishment & also help with lightening the Agenda load.

This was before Martial Law was legal so not too sure how it would go in a meta with On The Lam, but I'm sure there is a combo there that can get around it.

Psychographics would've been nice but decided Observe and Destroy woud be better suited to deal with Obelus/Plascrete to pull off the 24/7 News Cycle/BOOM! combo.

Only took 1 loss with the deck on the day to a Power Tap Andy deck which was a super close game.