INFO REFINERY (Vegas regional 1st place)

tmoiynmwg 6341

The Las Vegas regional took place on 5/7/16, fielding 35 players from around the southwest United States. As corp I went 4-1 in Swiss and 2-1 in elimination. You can find my runner deck here.

Edit (5/14/16): @lucasli just won the 29-person Kansas City regional with this deck!

I've been playing A:NR for as long as it's been around, and a recurring complaint I've heard is bemoaning the binary nature of tags in competitive play. Because sticking a tag on a careful runner is a difficult task, tag-based corp decks tend to focus on immediately winning the game after landing the tag - either via meat damage or Psycho-Beale. The runner will rarely remain tagged for long in these games, as any tag is likely to be followed by a quick, fiery death.

Here is a deck that works differently. It's a disruptive combo deck that uses tags to harass the runner, attack their resources, and ruin their tempo until it can grind out a win either through scoring or flatline. You can watch some of my regional games to see it in action:

  1. Swiss round 4
  2. Swiss round 5
  3. Winner's semifinals
  4. Winner's finals
  5. Grand finals

Do you enjoy having lots of ways to reach over and mess with the runner's best-laid plans? Have you felt helpless against modern runner engines that can overpower the thickest glaciers? Or maybe you just want to watch the runner suffer; reduce him to a hapless beggar before finally putting him out of his misery?

Consider a career at the INFO REFINERY! "Looking out for your interests since 1984."

9 May 2016 sdxbbs

hi there,

thanks for your list. keegan was usefull ? would change something ?

9 May 2016 LSK

How does this deck usually close games out? Scorched -> Archived -> Scorched is an obvious wincon, but it feels like you don't have enough EtR or copies of Psychographics to pull out a 7-point win very easily.

9 May 2016 ericbtool

Would you please discuss ICE placement?

9 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@sdxbbs Keegan did a little work. The list is very tight, no changes planned at the moment.

@LSK Not quite as hard as it looks; NAPD is easy to score with Closed Accounts and some taxing ice and Psycho for 3 will often close out the game. Finding a normal scoring window for Food is also quite possible.

@ericbtool I play it by ear a lot. Typically you want a Resistor on every important server and to stack your Pop-ups. Turnpike is best as outer ice. Use tracers to duck siphons.

9 May 2016 Benjen

Love it. Well done.

10 May 2016 gammanet

no dataraven? is that because its pretty useless once you finally break their resolve and they go tag-me?

10 May 2016 Heartthrob

Well played man. You're decks were amazing, I feel like I had a lot of help in the luck department when I took a game off you in Round 4. I had a great time playing with you bro.

10 May 2016 Letsaros


Like the deck a lot. If i am seeing correctly there's 1 influence left. How helpful could it be to swap the single Keegan with a Green Level Clearance for the extra money and draw OR for a single Traffic Accident to maybe harass runner's with tags?

10 May 2016 benticurus

just for playing Big Brother, you have me like

10 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@gammanet It's also too expensive for an ice that doesn't punish facechecking at all.

@Heartthrob It was really great meeting and playing with you! Don't sell yourself short, I think your Val deck totally had my number.

@Letsaros Keegan was actually a late addition to combat Opus. If you want to cut him, I recommend -1 Keegan, -1 Archived, -1 Food for +1 Scorch, +1 Beale, +1 QPM.

@benticurus Big Brother is my favorite card in this deck, I'd play a second if I had just a couple more slots.

10 May 2016 Hatesnow

i saw Youtube.. it was awesome

well play

10 May 2016 The Broken Meeple

Doesn't seem like many ways to actually land a tag that sticks around though. Soon as they can easily get around your tracer ICE you're very limited to keep up tags if they actively get rid of them.

10 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

If the runner is constantly paying to drop tags that's a feature, not a bug!

10 May 2016 tzeentchling

Do you ever flip? How much Medium-dig did you experience on the day?

10 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

I flip in about 40% of my games; I even flipped twice in game #3 above!

If the runner puts down a [Medium], you need to get an Archangel or Resistor on R&D asap.

10 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

I flip in about 40% of my games; I even managed to justify flipping twice in game #3 above. B-)

Medium is a scary card. When the runner puts one down you need to get an Archangel or Resistor on R&D asap.

11 May 2016 Windave

Timmy you have my absolute respect. This is beyond genious. You are the true master of ANR!

12 May 2016 Lindbjerg

Great deck! Casting Call is the only thing I would add. Probably remove The All-Seeing I since trashing is fairly easy once the runner is tagged up and you flip ID.

12 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

Don't cut ASI! Being able to trash the runner's whole resource engine in one click is why this deck is good.

12 May 2016 Lindbjerg

@tmoiynmwg It's only good as a surprise ressource trash. After you get them tagged up and they can't be bothered to remove them, they will stop playing ressources and ASI becomes useless. I disagree this deck is only good because of ASI. After playing 7+ games I've only made that trick work once. To me it's far more important to get the tagged consistantly, especially in early game.

12 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

Casting call is also a dead card once the runner stops caring about tags. Drawing ASI early is crucial because it's much harder and less palatable for the runner to remove tags if you manage to destroy all their econ resources immediately.

12 May 2016 Lindbjerg

@tmoiynmwgYes, they are both dead cards late game. I disagree however. Giving them 2 tags early for stealing an agenda is 6 credits and 2 clicks punishment. A NAPD with casting call is then 10 credits and 2 clicks to score. Also an early breaking news with casting call is very scary. You either spend 3 clicks and 6 credits to score it or you are guarenteed a tag next round, which then again can be followed up by big brother or closed accounts.

Assuming you are allowed to score breaking news or sea source early game, trashing all ressources (which is usually just 1 maybe 2 econ ressources 90% of the time) rarely beats that. Let's just agree to disagree. I find casting call way more consistent.

12 May 2016 Jackson Howard

Beautiful games. Those early ASI trashes devastated.

13 May 2016 Dr_Feelgood

@tmoiynmwg, great deck! You are indeed a genius, creating a competitive NBN deck with Big Brother and without Astrosripts. I am only curious, how many times have you achieved flatline?

13 May 2016 Lindbjerg

@tmoiynmwgMan I wish this deck had room for both ASI, casting call and perhaps bernice mai. Overall brilliant deck. I salute the creativity.

13 May 2016 Jackson Howard

Taking this deck to a GNK this weekend. What do you think about 1 of CVS? Did you run into any clot issues in testing/Vegas?

13 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@Lindbjerg Thanks for experimenting with my deck! Casting Call and Bernice both seem like fine additions here.

@Dr_Feelgood Surprisingly enough, about half of my wins are flatlines... A single scorch still turns up very reliably over a long game with a 44-card deck.

@Jackson Howard Clot is rarely an issue. Try baiting with other installs if you think your opponent is trying to clot your Psycho-Food.

14 May 2016

@tmoiynmwg Did you face any mill decks (Virus Noise, DLR Maxx, Leela)?

14 May 2016 kwind

I love this deck. So much more fun, interesting and interactive than the astro-train. It's a great meta call right now with most popular runner archetypes relying heavily on resources. This deck could argue ETR is a crutch!

14 May 2016 coyotemoon722

Any reason you didn't spend the last influence point? I think a 1x Swordsman would be decent in the deck.

14 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

The in-faction cards mesh with my gameplan more than any of the 1-influence options right now. I wouldn't cut anything for Swordsman unless my meta was ~90% Eater/Faust.

15 May 2016 ren666

1x SanSan could be useful for the last influence point, if only to bait runners into wasting 5 credits. If you find yourself in a credit lead, you could use it for Breaking News snipes. Having 1x SanSan also creates some interesting decisions for runner late game when you Archive Mem it back and install install into a remote. that could be an NAPD score right there.

But I watched your games, and I REALLY love this deck, card for card. Thanks for sharing!

16 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

I did consider SanSan but ultimately decided that it didn't have enough synergy with my agenda suite; the deck also doesn't really have the money to support it. It's OK to feed the runner an agenda or two if that's what it takes to start dishing out the pain!

16 May 2016 tmoiynmwg Sorry for missing your question! I did face a DLR Val in the Swiss, and I mostly won by playing two ASI's in a single turn. Check out games #4 and #5 in the description for my games against Noise.

17 May 2016 smartasdan

I absolutely love this deck. Every game I play feels fun again, and I really enjoy the runner's dilemma of whether or not they should remove tags. My only comment is that this deck is so much fun to play. Well done.

17 May 2016 GrantZilla1979

Awesome deck - I've found Information Overload to be a very underrated card, and right at home in a deck like this. Did you manage to connect with it much at all? Usually when I do it's because I haven't rezzed any other sentries and they're still thinking I'm running Fastro.

17 May 2016 spleen86

Fantastic deck! What do you think about -1 Keegan Lane, +1 traffic accident?

17 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@GrantZilla1979 Even when it doesn't fully connect, Information Overload is great for locking an important server down once the runner starts floating tags.

@spleen86 I think Traffic Accident is a little too conditional because you need to also draw your singleton Scorch for it to be good.

18 May 2016 dormio

I'm curious about the lack of Data Raven. Too expensive to rez?

18 May 2016 ren666

Played a bit more, my only change is -1 Closed Accounts +1 Bernice Mai. I'm found that hammering runner resources is generally enough to keep them poor. I agree with above poster that a 1x Casting Call could also be a good swap depending on your play style. Also, both Casting and Bernice are free, which is very important.

In SYNC, Bernice basically reads: End the runners turn, as they scramble to clear the tag and shore up their econ for next turn.

Again, I can't express how much I love this deck!

19 May 2016 shortforeskin

@tmoiynmwgI'm fairly new to Netrunner, so this deck has me stumped on many levels when playing it. I like the idea of grinding the opponent's willpower down, and I feel like this deck does that quite well. Can you give me some tips on Ice placement - as that seems to be a really important factor in this deck. I watched the games listed above too, you definitely know how to pilot this thing!

19 May 2016 MazeBerlin

Exchange of Information could be really strong in this deck. Let's you swap a Breaking News for a GFI in the runners score area and he even has to keep the tags!

19 May 2016 AKirkland

No Astro, no SanSan, runs Big Brother, wins regional. Netrunner never ceases to amaze. Well done.

19 May 2016 The Broken Meeple

+1 for Exchange of Information - that will work wonders here if the Runner ever has a GFI stolen. One copy would be enough I think. With only 6 economy cards though how do you find your own money situation? A lot of high cost cards here, makes me wonder if you find yourself broke a lot?

19 May 2016 shortforeskin

@The Broken MeepleI've only played the deck a handful of times so I might be off the mark on this one. If you look at the Ice suite, and many of the other cards too, a lot are incredibly cheap to rez. Pop Ups gain you a lot of money too. The ice seems to be designed to tax the runner down to your level of credits. And you can wipe their credit pool and resources multiple ways to keep them low. It's less of an arms race of credit piles, and more of a slow drain of their credits toward your pile.

19 May 2016 dormio

@The Broken Meeple I can't speak for Timmy, but from the videos, it looks like he doesn't have a problem spending a click to play a card and then clicking for two credits. Keep in mind this deck was built for himself around his specific play-style, so to get the most from the deck, you're probably gonna have to play like Timmy!

19 May 2016 magikot

Is this deck name an intentional anagram of the Pittsburgh regional deck or a happy coincidence?

19 May 2016 DeathnTaxes

@tmoiynmwg How do you deal with the issue of runners who just monied up as I wasn't able to keep up with the money lead if all my eco didn't come early. Also keeping the tags in place was a challenge. So right now I'm trying out a 49 card version with 24/7 news cycle since the tags stay as a back up tag condition.

x1 CVS, x2 24/7 News Cycles, x1 Psychic Field (Gonna test June Bug), x1 15 minutes, x1 Chronos Project, -1 Keegan. Definitely feels a little slower as a deck and agenda flood is still tough, but seems to be working pretty okay.

What are your thoughts on sacrificing some of the tempo/speed for some more tools?

20 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@DeathnTaxes It sounds like those changes could exacerbate your problem. I recommend advancing your agendas more aggressively; this deck can afford to lose an agenda or 2 in order to win the economy war.

20 May 2016 DeathnTaxes

@tmoiynmwg love it, be more aggressive! great advice.

20 May 2016 DeathnTaxes

@tmoiynmwg100% correct. Have to aggressively challenge with scored agendas. Any advice on scoring patterns you prefer? Love this deck!! :D

23 May 2016 Nordrunner

@tmoiynmwg sweet deck dude, been playing something similar for a little while. You won a regional, any chance we can spar and you help me?

23 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

@DeathnTaxes No set scoring patterns for this deck. Deciding which agendas to try to score first mostly depends on figuring out how your opponent is likely to respond.

@Nordrunner Sure, hit me up on the stimhack forums or slack.

24 May 2016 Perry524

@tmoiynmwg this deck does not force the runner to run so much, beside agenda scoring. Why not switch to asset economy to better bait a run? An honest question from a newer player that would appreciate an answer to what may be a stupid question. I used your list to create this. I would appreciate a critique if you have time.

24 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

The main reason is the prevalence of Whizzard in the runner meta. You're correct that asset economy would be a good fit otherwise!

I can't comment too much on your deck as it is a very different build, but I recommend monitoring your balance of tagging versus tag punishment.

24 May 2016 Perry524

@tmoiynmwg thanks for taking a look and the advice.

26 May 2016 chincymcchilla

@tmoiynmwgI've been playing around with this deck on Jintecki for maybe 20 matches and I feel like even with mulligans I almost never start out with enough ice to cover my main servers, only getting 2 or more ice about 6/7 times. Did you run into this and what did you do about it? Really find the deck fascinating and want to play it but just getting shredded in the opening turns,

28 May 2016 tmoiynmwg

The opening can be dicey against an aggressive runner, but the agendas are defensive enough that you don't always need to ice both centrals right away. Using Jackson to dig for ice is also a valid play.

2 Jun 2016 Fjord

Exchange of Information does seem a natural fit. Anyone tried an updated list?

2 Jun 2016 Nordrunner

My top 8 deck was insipred by timmys deck and it had EoI. Naturally i came home that night and patched what i saw as holes. Ill get around to posting the new decklist at somepoint, as i think its considerably better than what i played with at regionals.

2 Jun 2016 ren666

Best deck ever.

My final two changes are (as many people have suggested) -1 Keegan +1 Casting Call. I feel that the pre-tag game is much more important than the post-tag game, which this deck has in spades. And the ability of most runners to seamlessly replace a missing breaker or program didn't seem as important as keeping the agenda's flowing and forcing really tough decisions on the runner.

And one more change (because I just HAVE to use up all my influence) is -1 Info Overload +1 Lotus Field. Swordsman didn't seem to do enough, but Lotus is useful in any match up. Especially over R&D as a tax, but it does good, cheap work on any server.

Overload is just so expensive to rez for what it does, and in THIS deck, feels like a win-more card. I'm always happy to see Lotus.

Can't wait to see future updates, I feel that SYNC has finally been defined.

5 Jun 2016 osclate

Played this yesterday at New York Regionals and went 3-1-2. I love how powerful the deck feels because of the flexibility that Archived Memories gives! I just wish it played faster, because the two games that tied and went to time ended up hurting my ranking too much (ended up 15th). My only change was +1 EoI, -1 Sea Source. EoI won me 2 games, so squeezing in a 2nd copy somehow would be great. Thanks for sharing this list, I had my most enjoyable day of Netrunner yet, playing it!

7 Jun 2016 wily-odysseus

I played this to good effect at the NYC regional as well, swapping Keegan for an EoI. EoI did WORK. My favorite play of the day was IAA a Breaking News in a reasonably taxing server. They ignored it, since they were poor and assumed I was setting up a Midseason, and instead money up. Next turn I scored, Closed Accounts, All-Seeing I and EoI for an GFI they'd stolen off R&D earlier. This deck is a blast.

14 Jun 2016 tmoiynmwg

@wily-odysseus I really wish I could have seen that play. Thank you for sharing!

14 Jun 2016

I swapped Keegan for an EoI too and won the Canberra Regionals with the deck! :-)

14 Jun 2016 tmoiynmwg


22 Jul 2016 kcabbe

Given the latest MWL update, what do you think about swapping NAPD Contract for Explode-a-palooza?

26 Jul 2016 tmoiynmwg

@kcabbeNAPD is too important to cut from this deck. I'd recommend trying -1 Archived Memories for +1 Exchange of Information instead.

12 Aug 2016 Badeesh

I'm still having a blast with this list, and winning even without EoI. My sneaky tech for latest MWL is -1 archived, +1 Red Herrings. It's probably not as good EoI but makes a GFI score quite trivial.