Midnight StealthPunk (6th @ APAC Continentals)

Odol 1155

What is the worst runner card currently in the game?

Is it Fawkes? Could it be Persephone? Perhaps Credit Crash?

The way I see it, the worst card is the one that is never drawn in a match and just sits somewhere in the stack watching the game from the bench. Well guess what – my games are no place for such slackers and if I slot you into my deck, then I will find you, and I will draw you, and I will play you… or I will sacrifice you to whatever mix of Stings, Snares and Obokatas stand in my way, but I will use you! (Some of you more than once, curtesy of DJ Thanos.)

Because every card that stays in the stack at the end of the match is in my book the worst card in Netrunner, and I cannot afford to have any of those in my list.

The introduction of Midnight Sun brought us not only Stoneship Chart Rooms - that apart from being a decent BOOM! tech practically shorten any deck that clicks for cards – but also Into the Depths, the final piece of the puzzle by the name of Aniccam-Mercur draw engine. Once you have it established, it is very likely that you see every card in this list.

Is this a better shaper setup than Endurance + Rezekis + PAD Taps? Probably not. But is it more consistent? Also probably not.

I refuse to accept the idea of getting money by sitting on my butt, though. And if I am on a run-based engine I want it to be as efficient as humanly possible. And is this list such a perfectly efficient engine? Probably not.

It did help me get to the top cut of APAC Continentals this weekend, though, so I feel like I might be moving in the right direction. I will keep you all posted on how it develops.

In the meantime feel free to take it for a spin – hopefully you have as much fun with it as I did in the tournament. Kudos to the TOs and participants – rock on!

21 Aug 2022 koga

Should I have starred this decklist? Probably not. Congrats on getting a non-boat Shaper in the top cut 🥳

23 Aug 2022 5N00P1

If Odol is playing Smoke, does it mean she is good? Probably not! But maybe this time? Probably not!
When ICE would matter, Smoke would be good!
But why is ICE not so important today? Because of Smoke.... so she is her own Gravedigger...
Congrats on the good showing!