45 Freedom

Sokka 1938

This is a Freedom list that I put together based off Rustryder’s 49 card Freedom and I’m posting this to share with those who were interested after I played it on my live stream which can be found here.

With corps pushing towards a more aggressive rush/FA style of play, Freedom seems like a good runner to counter this aggression. I’m looking forward to seeing how the meta shapes up throughout these next two months of big tournaments every weekend.

14 Aug 2022 wedgeex

No Avgustina Ivanovskaya? I guess with no recursion it doesn't have as much impact/is draw dependent.

15 Aug 2022 Sokka

@wedgeex yeah it's draw dependent and also it basically says "trash the top card of R&D the first time each turn you install a virus program" because no one will be trashing out of HQ when against Freedom. An effect like that is not active enough to be worth a deck slot

16 Aug 2022 Diogene

Instead of Zer0, why not use Moshing? It would let you gain the same amount of creds with more control on which card you are losing.

Thanks for sharing!

16 Aug 2022 Sokka

@Diogenehard one to explain. This deck wants some source of consistent draw. Moshing happens in bursts which can be inconsistent depending on the other cards drawn and a bit more difficult to use. Maybe Moshing belongs in here in addition to the Zer0s tho

31 Aug 2022 ycarium

I am just starting to get my toes wet in the standard format. I watched and enjoyed your stream - it looks like a fun deck.

I do not have any reasonable experience with Netrunner, but would DJ Fenris for Loup be an option for the deck instead of the Earthrise? Solid value each turn for trashing cards.

31 Aug 2022 ycarium

Please ignore my comment. "not in faction ID". Yes, read the cards. :)