Knights of Mumbad - Russian Nationals Winner (7-0)

igrekk 1001

Lady Caprice Nisei abandoned Castle Remote and left us in despair. But sir Marcus Batty, chosen by sword, took charge over loyal knights of Mumbad and is leading them to glory.

Tournament record

7-0. Win against Opus Jesminder, Opus CT, 3 x Stealth Smoke, Baba Yaga Smoke and Null.



Global Food Initiative over Obokata Protocol. Good runners are always ready to take 4 net damage and Film Critic was the most popular restricted choice during testing. The Future Perfect + Fast Track over 2 x Corporate Sales Team is agenda density issue and one more way to find Nisei MK II.


Playset of Batty, two of Mumbad City Grid due to limit 1 per server. Always play at least one Snare!, it'll make you a champion one day.


Standard econ suite, plus hard commitment to Scarcity of Resources to disrupt resource economy.


  • Full grail suite, which I will address later.
  • Kakugo - a great taxing and ETR option, IP Block for single influence point. Wish it was another Fairchild 2.0.
  • Mirāju is MVP. Helps you counter Indexing / Spy Camera campers and to control agenda density in hand. You want a copy for both R&D and HQ.
  • Komainu and Swordsman are both meta cards that can be swapped for anything else.
  • Excalibur is a mandatory ICE for scoring remote. Second one can be kept in hand for the additional grail subroutines.


This deck sticks with the classic playstyle, shining in midgame. The first 10-15 turns, when all servers are iced up and the runner doesn't have full rig or econ engine running. Build scoring remote fast and toss first agenda in, probably with upgrade. In most cases the runner will attempt to face check. This is generally a bad idea because any Grail can bite. Moreover, you want opponent to know about grails as fast as possible. It means 3 ICE deep scoring remote can be impregnable castle, unless runner finds all rig pieces, but even if it isn’t - good players rarely take the risk of losing MOpus to facecheck. When the opponent finally assembles full rig you can fire Batty for the last moment ETR or to trash key breaker. Taking runner to roller coaster of Mumbad City Grid is also an option, even turtle will have issues with 7 subroutines on a single piece of ICE. Speaking of AI, if runner doesn't have such breaker game ends pretty fast with double Nisei into 3/5 under protection of Excalibur. If he does - let Batty do the job, he is pretty good at swords! And the last piece is Scarcity of Resources which wrecks every economy engine except for MOpus. So general tips are:

  • Install Grails on remote, and all other ices centrals.
  • Excalibur + Nisei lock is a win condition.


To @ParasitePromo for training and keeping calm up until the last minutes.. To @RubbishyUsername and @MrBuggles discussion of this deck And again to the whole Netrunner community and especially Russian division for being so cool.

25 Oct 2017 Noroo :D

simple and powerful. good work.

25 Oct 2017

Where is the runner?? :-)

25 Oct 2017 MikeJS

This is a masterpiece - I love it.

25 Oct 2017 moks his runner deck is the current decklist of the week:

25 Oct 2017 RubbishyUsername

Thanks for the shout-out. Did you run into any hate cards, like Interdiction or Political Operative?

25 Oct 2017 igrekk

@MikeJSthank you!

@RubbishyUsername nope, only Hacktivist Meeting. But pre-rezzing upgrades isn't a big problem.

25 Oct 2017 ParasitePromo

Hell yeah! It was a pleasure for me as well, good job :)

26 Oct 2017 MrBuggles

Thanks for the shoutout, and congrats for going undefeated with this deck! One thing I’m curious about - why no agroplex? It can combo really well with scarcity by forcing the runner to draw resources they can’t play, and really helps you rush against opus decks.

26 Oct 2017 Pandageddon

Surely Komainu on the remote with mumbad is excellent? I don't see how it's a meta call.

26 Oct 2017 igrekk

@MrBuggles as someone on nrdb said "Agroplex is the best runner card". Clickless draw is speeding up runners setup speed, which is bad for deck that jams agendas hard.

@Pandageddon Komainu is good vs Dagger and MKUltra. There was a lot of such decks in my meta. But is full of Switchblade Smoke and Sunny with GS Shrike M2.

26 Oct 2017 dataFiend

Hi, thanks for sharing the list! I've been almost on a 2-year hiatus from Netrunner, so I am not sure what the function of Mumbad City Grid is. Do you pull Grail ice to the scoring remote in case you had to install them on centrals in the early game?

26 Oct 2017 dataFiend

Nevermind, I misread Mumbad City Grid :)

27 Oct 2017 MrBuggles

I think we'll have to disagree about Agroplex then, I love it! It's not a criticsm, the deck clearly works for you without it!

27 Oct 2017 Snake Eyes

Agroplex got it's rep for being the best runner card in the game on the days of Faust (RIP). I think it's evaluation has gotta be different now, but I haven't seen it in action to be able to give it a grade.

6 Nov 2017 tstack

Great list, I played a slightly altered version of it at worlds and went 5-1, I played my runner terribly and just missed the cut, but corp side was fun and strong. Thanks!