Firestarter (8th @ ECG Seattle CO)

Gathzen 372

This deck went 2-1 during the tournament. My only loss was against FireRL on Loup which is obviously not a great match-up, adding the fact that I drew 4 agendas in a row by turn 3 and that he had experience playing this exact match-up from the weekly meetups. This was my Runner deck.

Pravdivost is one of my favorite IDs, I find it very fun to play and I've been trying out ideas with it since the release of RWR. A few months ago I build a list that was the first version of this. It leaned more towards glacier with fast advance. It was fun but didn't work out very well as it was trying to do too many things at once. After a bit of iterating and reworking the gameplan this is what I ended up on.

I am still working on improving it. I've been thinking of adding a bit more tag punishment, maybe some amount of Public Trail, and I am definitely looking to include Business As Usual back into the deck.

30 Apr 2024 HaverOfFun

ooooh yeah Business As Usual would be so groovy as a FA tool using Vlad city grid! Dunno where the inf might come from but defs interested!

30 Apr 2024 AlPi

Such a cool Pravi list!

30 Apr 2024 Faraon23

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1 May 2024 scantrell24

Thanks for sharing your list! I've been trying something kinda similar, but with less fast advance.

I prefer Tree Line to Logjam for the cheaper rez cost, especially early game, and it's only a single influence. How do you deal with only have 5 ETR ice? I guess you don't ice any remotes, or at least not early? Miss Bones is everywhere in my experience and she would have a field day.

1 May 2024 maninthemoon

Well done 🥳 Top 8 in Seattle is a pretty great achievement 😅 Love the list.

2 May 2024 Gathzen

@scantrell24Thanks for sharing as well! It's very interesting because it seems like we both started at a very similar point with the Remastered Edition, Stoke the Embers, Business As Usual and Vladisibirsk City Grid package, but ended up at quite different points.

To me Logjam feels great and I think it's amazing. I would run more if I could, because I found that my deck has quite a bit of econ so it's usually not too much. Also I find myself most of the time rezzing it for 4 credits because of the face-check. In addition the fact that it has 3 ETR subs is extremely good into things like Botulus and Boomerang. I don't feel like it's too much to pay 2 extra credits for a Tree Line to get 2 more ETR subs. I do wish sometimes that I had some Tree Line to boost the Logjam with the expend and then have it face-up in Archives for the rez.

I usually don't ICE servers much until the mid-game, and I don't always need to ICE the remotes. But it's true that sometimes I would want a bit more ICE to find it more consistently and help against ICE destruction.

For Miss Bones I am not that worried. She runs out and there is always the treat of punishment with Oppo Research. I found that an early Solidarity Badge can be more difficult to deal with than an early Miss Bones. I have won games against a turn 1 Miss Bones, but I think this also requires good draw because you need to be able to sustain a spamming of assets for a few turns. I think my list has a bit more expensive installables compared to your list with Vladisibirsk City Grid, Regolith Mining License, and Ubiquitous Vig, making the Miss Bones run out faster.

3 May 2024 SMITTYL

Finally seeing this list after our games last night. Such a creative take on it!