Adam Maybe? (1st Fresno Regionals)

Grizzlefluff 207

The night before our regional, I had no idea what runner to take. My buddy and I sort of jokingly decided to bring Adam, not having done any real testing, and having not played Adam in over a year. Threw the list together, and here we are 24 hours later with a win alongside Tempo NEH for my corp.

The regional was fairly small with only 9 people in attendance. Adam came through when I needed him to, beating the two Gagarins and PE in the cut on the backs of somewhat early steals and Brain Chip snowballing. Misdirection on the table with Multithreaders feel great against the Gagarin tag spam. Whistleblower did work on FTT/Mad Dash snags on Obokatas and SDS Drone Deployments, and as always, Logic Bomb is the best breaker.

25 Aug 2019 Xihin

And I was that buddy haha. Good job dude.