Londwich Mayoral Badge (4-3-1, 2nd at Norwich, 4th at London

Kikai 2136

With thanks and love to @not_yeti and @feathermark for putting on two great tournaments to kick off the season. The Norwich/London double header was an amazing weekend of netrunner with amazing people. EASports 🥇 let's go!!!

Congrats to @MotionBlur on winning the Norwich CO, and commiserations on missing out on the coveted Londwich Mayoral Badge (awarded to the highest placing player across both days) by just one point. Hopefully we can do another weekender later in the year. In the sinister absurdity of the near future, all political appointments will be made using childrens' card games.

Mayor of Londwich.jpg

2-1-1 (2nd) at Norwich, with wins against Harmonic PD and Seamless Nuvem. A draw against Holo Ob (which was looking like a win), and a loss to Come to Cambridge PE (turn 3 flatline).

2-2 (4th) at London, with wins against Cohort Asa and Come to Cambridge PE, and losses to Holo Ops R+, and Holo Ob.

Everything, at both tournaments, felt highly experimental, with everyone playing very different decks, and a range of archetypes still fighting to become established. It's impossible to make meta decisions in that sort of environment. When I was deciding what to play I did what all good players do whenever new cards are released--I stole a list from @TheKing.

The original list was a tag me list, but Amanuensis created some awkward memory issues with Yusuf. Somewhat reluctantly, we had to admit that there was no getting away from Knobkierie. So out went the penguins on motorcycles, and in came remote working from home, which makes it much easier to play knobkiere and Zer0, but is also much more boring.

Freedom seems to me to be the most natural shell for Arruaceiras Crew, because we were already playing multiple leech anyway. You might almost feel sorry for the corp when you realise the lack of counterplay to exploding a Hydra with Devil Charm, if it wasn't for the maniacal grin of The Holo Man that it was protecting.

The core of the list is good, and very scrappy (my kind of netrunner), but you will sometimes draw some awkward opening hands that will force you to make some tough decisions, and that can leave you on the worse end of those early trades. I'm not in a hurry to play the list again (even though it is good), but I can see someone tweaking it to make it their own and falling in love with it.

Also, it dunks on PrisonMorph.


Telework Contract is a weird way to spend 2 influence, but it pays off quicker than Daily Casts or Fermenter, and the Econ smooths out our early Knobkierie installs. The more obvious thing to do is to spend the influence on Docklands Pass.

Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter is good for recurring crew, but, honestly, it feels a little win more. If we're getting enough HQ accesses to justify installing DJ Fenris we are probably winning anyway. It could possibly be cut for Privileged Access.

Botulus is super useful, but I'm not sure that we need all 3. I would be tempted to cut one for some sort of draw.

Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga was a last minute include, but it did a lot of work in both tournaments.

8 Apr 2024 .Feathermark

Three cheers for our esteemed Lord Mayor!!!

8 Apr 2024 Council

Well now you need to design Londwich City Grid